Amstrad Action 2

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Amstrad Action
Numero 2
Editore Future Publishing
Data Novembre 1985
Pagine 108


Hot Reviews

Pagina Titolo Commento
54 Highway Encounter Stunningly smooth, fiendishly difficult, horribly compulsive
38 Dragontorc Maroc the Mage stars in the mystical arcade adventure
38 Wizard's Lair 256 screens of fast, tricky action for Pothole Pete as he tracks down the four pieces of the Golden Lion
46 The Covenant Space-bubble your way around PSS's huge and pretty arcade adventure
52 Southern Belle You really can hear the whistle blow in this steam-train simulation
53 Bruce Lee Brucie bounds on to the Arnold. Take that you nasty Yammo!
62 The Devil's Crown Piracy on the high seas in this shipboard arcade adventure
64 Matchday Show off your soccer skills with Ocean's table-topper
64 Raid! It's not over Moscow but you can still have a pretty good zap, comrade
72 Starion Attain Creator status and impress your friends. Superb vector graphics

November Specials

Pagina Titolo Commento
22 The Great Link-Up Modem, Prestel, Bulletin boards. The communications revolution made simple
16 PCW Picture Show Sizzling snaps from the country's biggeest computer show
32 PCW 8256 Review Amstrad's latest machine investigated. Is Joyce a bargain?
92 Everyone's a Wally The definitive map - in glorious Amstrad Actioncolor with 3D. No specs required

Juicy Offers

Pagina Titolo Commento
101 Amazing Modem offer Skywave Multi-port and modem for only £129.95
87 Amsoft shocker £600 worth of software to be won in ace comp
102 Hewson twosome Two raves up for grabs in incredibly difficult(?) competition
85 Mail Order Get your games on the cheap with our discount offer
97 PSS double 50 pairs of great games to be won
95 Maps, pokes, tips There's still £300 going for the best contributions to Cheat Mode
104 Subscribe Last chance to get in on this great AA offer - two FREE Ocean games

Action Regulars

Pagina Titolo Commento
8 Ed-Lines Containing some very important announcements
10 Re-Action Introducing Arnold's perkiest letters pages. The bit where you get YOUR say
19 Amscene All the latest news, including software on the way for Xmas
27 Bizprogs Superpower's Mailing List Rom
37 Action Test Over 30 games reviewed. with new, added INDEX.
78 Adventures The Pilgrim presents some pretty graphics and some nifty peeks and pokes
88 Cheat Mode The sneaky section presents bag of tips, pokes and maps
98 High-Score Readers best efforts - plus a chance to challenge
100 Hot Stuff Charts and special offer form


Pagina Titolo Piattaforma
24 Communicator Amstrad CPC
24 Multi-Port Amstrad CPC
25 Amstrad RS232C Amstrad CPC


Pagina Titolo Piattaforma
27 Mailing List Amstrad CPC
28 Cashbook Accounts Amstrad CPC
28 Easywriter Amstrad CPC

All Reviews

Pagina Titolo Piattaforma Voto
38 Wizard's Lair Amstrad CPC 82%
38 Dragontorc Amstrad CPC 86%
41 Master Of The Lamps Amstrad CPC 79%
41 Brian Jack's Superstar Challenge Amstrad CPC 67%
42 Macadam Bumper Amstrad CPC 72%
46 The Covenant Amstrad CPC 83%
47 A View To A Kill Amstrad CPC 67%
47 Codename Mat II Amstrad CPC 74%
48 Juggernaut Amstrad CPC 69%
48 Android 2 Amstrad CPC 75%
49 Project Future Amstrad CPC 69%
49 Brian Bloodaxe Amstrad CPC 73%
52 Southern Belle Amstrad CPC 81%
53 Bruce Lee Amstrad CPC 88%
54 Highway Encounter Amstrad CPC 95%
59 Screenplay Amstrad CPC 65%
59 Trivia UK Amstrad CPC 55%
60 Value Pack Amstrad CPC 33%
60 Vagan Attack Amstrad CPC 55%
60 Doppleganger Amstrad CPC 63%
62 The Devil's Crown Amstrad CPC 87%
64 Matchday Amstrad CPC 89%
64 Raid Amstrad CPC 89%
67 Slapshot Amstrad CPC 67%
67 Hacker Amstrad CPC 77%
68 On The Run Amstrad CPC 79%
69 Elidon Amstrad CPC 68%
70 Starion Amstrad CPC 88%
73 3D Stuntrider Amstrad CPC 57%
73 Subterranean Stryker Amstrad CPC 69%
74 Rocco Amstrad CPC 36%
74 Formula One Amstrad CPC 72%
75 Super Sam Amstrad CPC 47%
76 Paws Amstrad CPC 70%
78 Robin Of Sherwood Amstrad CPC 68%
79 Warlord Amstrad CPC 70%
79 Ashkeron Amstrad CPC 70%
80 Mordon's Quest Amstrad CPC 78%

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Amstrad Action - n°02 - Novembre 1985


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