Amstrad Action 4

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Amstrad Action
Numero 4
Editore Future Publishing
Data Gennaio 1986
Pagine 116


Cover Gift Special

Pagina Titolo Commento
16 Cover cassette The best present you're likely to get this Christmas two knock-out Ocean games to help you beat the post-pud blues

Hot Reviews

Pagina Titolo Commento
54 Yie-Ar Kung Fu Superb animation, a variety of opponents, jaunty muwsic. It all adds up to a an action-packed Mastergame
38 Chimera Intriguing arcade adventure, featuring superb graphics, a robot, a loaf of bread and a toaster
46 Strangeloop Huge and colourful, Virgin's latest has all the slickness of Sorcery and just as much great gameplay
46 Doors of Doom A gem from Gem, this scrolling exploration game has marvellous graphics, neat scrolling and a super scenery-design option
48 Hypersports The long awaited waggler from Ocean proves to be full of strenght and suppleness. Shoot the skeet, lift the weight, vault the horse and much, much more
50 Computer Hits Great value for money on this compilation. Just about every variety of gameplay you could want
56 Obsidian 60 colourful screens packed with puzzles and aliens
62 They Sold a Million They'll sell a few more as well. Four superb games on one cassette


Pagina Titolo Commento
100 Marsport-mapped! Gargoyle's huge mega-game in fll Amstrad Action Colour
58 Money, money, money! Our great board game gives you the chance to make it to the top of the micro business
32 The Ocean Empire Chris Anderson takes the lid off one of Britain's biggest software houses
96 Nonterraqueous / Soul of a Robot-mapped! Two monster Mastertronic games in all their glorious detail.
90 1986 Diary A light-hearted - very light-hearted - look at what might just happen in the world of Amstrad next year
74 DK 'Tronics memory expansion Will your 464 be able to RAM up to 6128 spec? Fin out within

Juicy Offers

Pagina Titolo Commento
112 Subscribe Amazing offer - two FREE US Gold games when you subscribe to Amstrad Action
76 Lord of the Rings 50 competition winners will play Bilbo Baggins in Melbourne House's huge new adventure
106 Mail Order This is the deal - buy £15 worth of software and get a FREE game
76 Cauldron Bewitching two-in-one competition - win one of 50 copies of the game or a great Cauldron trophy
77 Mastertronic magnanimity Spot the difference and you could win a 4 software voucher plus the hilariouys micro guide Micromania

Action Regulars

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6 Ed-Lines The editor's Christmas message to the people. Plus some more importantbits
8 Re-Action Bags of YOUR controversial letters
18 Amscene All the latest from the Amstrad action
24 Serious Software A long, hard look at spreadsheets. Plus what to do with a toolkit
34 Type-ins Design you own graphics with this great listing from David Muir
37 Action Test Where our exhaustive games review section begins
60 Voice of the People YOUR chance to give YOUR opinions of the games we've already reviewed
80 Adventures The Pilgrim reviews the latest games and looks at adventure creators. Plus all the usuals
92 Cheat Mode Masses of maps, tips and pokes
104 High Score Compare yourself with the best. Or maybe challenge the cheats
106 Hot Stuff Special offer and Mail Order
108 Readers' Charts What you think's the best in the world of games and serious software
109 Forms The all-in-one action entry form


Pagina Titolo Piattaforma
74 DK Tronics expansions Amstrad CPC


Pagina Titolo Piattaforma
25 Supercalc 128 Amstrad CPC / PCW
27 Supercalc 2 Amstrad CPC
28 Utopia Amstrad CPC
28 Programmer's Toolbox And Basic Extensions Amstrad CPC
29 Oddjob Amstrad CPC
31 Tas-Spell Amstrad CPC
84 The Quill / The Illustrator Amstrad CPC
85 Graphics Adventure Creator Amstrad CPC
85 Genesis Amstrad CPC

All Reviews

Pagina Titolo Piattaforma Voto
38 Chimera Amstrad CPC 88%
40 Mexico '86 Amstrad CPC 68%
40 Battle Beyond The Stars Amstrad CPC 62%
42 Macrocosmica Amstrad CPC 78%
42 Tales Of The Arabian Nights Amstrad CPC 68%
44 Zorro Amstrad CPC 76%
44 3D Quasars Amstrad CPC 38%
46 Doors Of Doom Amstrad CPC 91%
46 Strangeloop Amstrad CPC 91%
48 Hipersports Amstrad CPC 88%
49 Glen Hoddle Soccer Amstrad CPC 50%
50 Computer Hits Amstrad CPC 88%
52 Wriggler Amstrad CPC 68%
54 Yie Ar Kung-Fu Amstrad CPC 92%
56 Obsidian Amstrad CPC 81%
62 They Sold A Million Amstrad CPC 80%
63 Beach-Head Amstrad CPC 82%
63 Jet Set Willy Amstrad CPC 85%
63 Daley Thompson's Decathlon Amstrad CPC 81%
65 Renegade Amstrad CPC 27%
65 Dogsbody Amstrad CPC 68%
66 Assault On Port Stanley Amstrad CPC 58%
66 Geoff Capes Strongman Amstrad CPC 68%
68 Tombstowne Amstrad CPC 72%
70 Fighting Warrior Amstrad CPC 75%
80 The Neverending Story Amstrad CPC 82%
81 Seas Of Blood Amstrad CPC 78%
81 The Magician's Ball Amstrad CPC 80%
82 Ice Station Zero Amstrad CPC 49%


  • In allegato alla rivista c'era una cassetta con due programmi gioco per Amstrad CPC. Sul lato 1 c'era ”KUNG FU” mentre sul Lato 2 ”NUMBER 1”. I dump dei due giochi da far funzionare con un' emulatore Amstrad sono scaricabili di seguito.

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● "Kung Fu" - (Lato 1)
● "Number 1" - (Lato 2)

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Amstrad Action - n°04 - Gennaio 1986


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