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Retro Gamer è una rivista britannica mensile dedicata al retrogaming. Ha iniziato le pubblicazioni nel 2004 ed è tuttora (2019) attiva.

La rivista Retro Gamer italiana, che ebbe vita breve, utilizzava in parte i contenuti della rivista inglese tradotti. Anche Retrogame Magazine italiana acquisì i diritti sulla rivista, ma solo nel primo numero.


Titolo Data Contenuti
Sega Mega Drive Mini 198 5 set 19 A Moment Ted Sterchi (Orange Island); Back to October 2002; Classic Moments Rocket Ranger; Collectors Corner Peter Leigh (Nostalgia Nerd); EndGame Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem; Feature Creating the Mega Drive Mini; From the Archives The Software Toolworks; Future Classic #71 Return of the Obra Dinn; Hardware Heaven Nintendo Famicom Titler; History of Rollercoaster Tycoon; Homebrew Reshoot R, Grid Pix, Boulder Run, Foreign Frugglers; In the Chair Francois Lionet; Lost In Translation Jet Set Radio, Mickey Mouse II, Alex Kidd: Tenkuu Majou; Making of 3D Space Wars, Blackthorne; Making of Astro Clone, XIII; Peripheral Vision Konami HyperBoy; Retro Inspired Pacer; Retro Revival Bomber, Bad Dudes vs Dragan Ninja, Incredible Crisis; Retro Revival Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX; Story of M2: Masters of Retro; So You Want To Collect Neo-Geo Fighters; Ultimate Guide #116 Shadow Dancer
Shenmue 197 8 ago 19 A Moment Steve Jarett (The Last 8 Bit Games Shop); Back to September 2002; Collectors Corner Anne Bras (PC Games); Conversion Kings Rainbow Islands; EndGame Gunbee F99; From the Archives Black Legend; Future Classic #70 Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia; Hardware Heaven Sega TeraDrive; History of The Sims; Homebrew Night Knight, Tobu Girl Deluxe, Darkula, Misplaced, Plutonium Caverns; Homebrew Mr Do!, The Coffee Break Shootout and Total Refill; How to Get The Most From Your Neo-Geo; Making of Super Hero, Morpheus, Donkey Kong II: Jumpman Returns; Making of Super Robin Hood, Samurai Shodown; Minority Report PlayStation 2 Simple 2000 Series: The Pirate, The Zombie vs Ambulance; Minority Report PlayStation 2 Simple 2000 Series: The Maid Uniform and Machine Gun; Peripheral Vision Sega Saturn Virtua Stick; Retro Revival Highlander, Klax, Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem, Feel the Magic: XX/XY; Story of Shenmue; So You Want To Collect Sega Mega Drive Shmups (Shoot-'em-Ups); Ultimate Guide #113 Gemini Wing; Ultimate Guide #114 Urban Strike; Ultimate Guide #115 Super Star Wars
Game Boy 30 Years 196 11 lug 19 A Moment Chris Wilkins (Fusion Books Zzap!64 Annual); Back to August 2002; Classic Moments Point Blank; Collectors Corner Gary Pinkett (Import Computers); EndGame Star Wars: Rebel Assault; Feature 30 Years of the Game Boy; From the Archives PF Magic; Hardware Heaven Nintendo Game Boy Micro; History of X-COM, 2000 AD Videogames; Homebrew Berks 4, Chip Resue, Total Refill, Coffee Break Shootout; Homebrew Night Knight, Fuz, Scotbot, Biojet; How to Play Every PC Engine Game; In the Chair Vincent Baillet; Making of Firelord, Loco, Colums, LMA Manager; Peripheral Vision Sega Game Master Converter; Retro Revival Pitfall!, Metroid, Police Trainer, Alien Trilogy; Ultimate Guide #111 Ninja Spirit; Ultimate Guide #112 Super Adventure Island; Unconverted Go! Go! Mile Smile, Aqua Rush, Dirty Pigskin Football, Best of Best
Konami 50 Years 195 13 giu 19 A Moment KillPixel (Jeremiah Fox - Wrath: Aeon of Ruin); Arcade Perfect #14 After Burner; Back to July 2002; Classic Moments Zombies Ate My Neighbors; Collectors Corner Beau & Emily Dalton; EndGame Zero Wing; Feature 50 Years of Konami; From the Archives Running With Scissors; Hardware Heaven Nintendo DS; History of Spider-Man; Homebrew Lethal Wedding, Bruce Lee - Return of Fury, Wasteland, Modsurfer, Blastergear; How to Manage Your Games Collection; Making of Robocop 2, Amiga Power, Us vs Them; Peripheral Vision N64 Nintendo Transfer Pak; Retro Inspired Wargroove; Retro Revival Wriggler, Shinobi, Street Fighter II: The World Warrior, Astal; Ultimate Guide #108 Solomon's Key; Ultimate Guide #109 Contra III: The Alien Wars; Ultimate Guide #110 G-LOC:Air Battle - Loss of Consciousness By G-Force; Unconverted Asterix, Lightning Fighters, Metamorphic Force, MIA - Missing In Action; Whatever Happened to Daffy Duck and the Great Paint Caper;
Burnout 194 16 mag 19 A Moment Chip Bit Day (Richard Lewis); Arcade Perfect #13 Galaxian; Back to June 2002; Bluffers Guide Immersive Sims; Collectors Corner Steven Furnell (Home Computers); Desert Island Disks Mark Greenshields; EndGame Scooby Doo! Classic Creep Capers; Feature The Evolution of: Cybernoid; From the Archives Tower Studios; History of Burnout, Yie Ar Kung-Fu, Guilty Gear; Homebrew Reshoot R, Stunt Car Racer, Berks 4, Scramble, Galaxy Force; Making of Ultracore / Hardcore, Army Men, The X Files: Resist or Serve; Peripheral Vision Sega Dreamcast 3D Control Pad; Retro Inspired Dangerous Driving; Retro Revival Formation Armed F, T2: The Arcade Game, Earthworm Jim 2; Ultimate Guide #107 Skool Daze;
Mortal Kombat 193 18 apr 19 A Moment The Retro Hour Podcast (Dan Wood & Ravi Abbott); Arcade Perfect #12 Centipede; Back to May 2002; Bluffers Guide Stealth Games; Classic Moments Street Fighter III: Third Strike; Collectors Corner Neil Thomas (RetroManCave); Conversion Kings Lemmings; EndGame SNK Gals' Fighters; Feature The Evolution of: Mortal Kombat, Mastertronic: 35 Years - 35 Games; Feature The Evolution of: Paradroid, The Strange Story of the Casio Loopy; From the Archives Kingsoft GMBH; Hardware Heaven Pioneer LaserActive; Homebrew Quadron, L'Abbaye Des Morts, Pet Frogger, Kami, Old Towers; How to Save Money by Going Digital; In the Chair Stuart 'Stoo' Cambridge; Making of Zero Tolerance, NERF Arena Blast, Gun; Peripheral Vision Konami LaserScope (NES); Retro Revival Kabuki Ittou Ryoudan, Road Rash, Virtua Cop; Ultimate Guide #106 Alex Kid in Shinobi World;
Yoshi's Island 192 21 mar 19 A Moment Ryan Meloy Last Commanders CBBC; Arcade Perfect #11 Robotron 2084; Back to April 2002; Classic Moments Panic!; Collectors Corner Chris McCallum; EndGame Dragon Buster; Feature The Evolution of Head Over Heels; Feature Head Above Water: My First Month at Ocean Software; Extra Music CD Volume 2: Rob Hubbard Remixed C64; From the Archives Mythos Games; Hardware Heaven BBC Micro; Homebrew Flight of Pigarus, Phantomas 2.0, Quadron, Gravitica, Dangan GB; How to Get Ready For Sigil (Doom); In the Chair Rebecca Heineman; Making of Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, Space Taxi, Skitchin', Afterlife; Making of Tenchu: Stealth Assassins; Minority Report Amiga CD32: Guardian, Diggers, Beneath A Steel Sky; Retro Revival Shadow of the Beast II, Hyper Duel; Retro Revival The King of Fighters 99: Evolution; Retro Inspired Yoshi's Crafted World; Ultimate Guide #105 Road Runner; Whatever Happened to Vectorman;
The Bitmap Brothers 191 21 feb 19 A Moment Spectrum Cinema: Paolo Santagostino - Jet Set Willy Film; Arcade Perfect #10 Defender; Back to March 2002; Classic Moments Bonanza Bros; Collectors Corner Dimitrios Zikos; EndGame The King of Fighters: Maximum Impact 2; Feature The Bitmap Brothers, 35 Years of the Amstrad CPC 464; Feature Top 25 PlayStation 2 Games; History of Total War; Homebrew 30 Years of Nintendon't, Highway Encounter, Druidarium, Digiloi; Homebrew Tronic Kids, Flight of Pigarus, Tetraminis Deffect; How to Play Modded Console Games; In the Chair Chris Shrigley; Making of Gods, Fat Worm Blows A Sparky, Split Personalities, The Longest Journey; Pushing the Limits Terracon; Retro Revival Amidar, Zillion II: The Tri Formation, Eliminate Down; Retro Revival Croc: Legend of the Gobbos; Ultimate Guide #102 Bounty Bob Strikes Back; Ultimate Guide #103 Badlands; Ultimate Guide #104 International Superstar Soccer Pro;
Resi-Recting Resident Evil 2 190 24 gen 19 A Moment Sega Heroes: Bart Simon of Demiurge Studios; Arcade Perfect #9 Joust; Back to February 2002; Classic Moments NBA Jam Tournament Edition; Collectors Corner Patrik Prusak; Conversion Kings Operation Wolf; EndGame Mario & Wario; Feature Resi-Recting Resident Evil 2, Mixing It Up: Rise of the Randomiser; Feature Mario: Master of the Spin-Offs; From the Archives Topo Soft; Homebrew Merchant, Mission Liftoff, Dizzy's New Adventure, Portal V1; Homebrew Old Tower, Sheep It Up, UWOL: Quest For Money; How to Connect Retro Systems to Modern TVs; In the Chair Tony Takoushi; Making of Fast Food! (Dizzy), Ruff 'N' Tumble, Divine Divinity, Dog's Life; Minority Report Naomi and Atomiswave: Slashout, Dolphin Blue, Toy Fighter; Retro Inspired Arca's Path; Retro Revival Renegade, Super Metroid, XI [Sai] Little; Ultimate Guide #100 Vigilante; Ultimate Guide #101 Galaxy Force;
Sonic Adventure 189 27 dic18 A Moment Evan Amos (Vanamo Online Game Museum); Arcade Perfect #8 Out Run; Back to January 2002; Bluffers Guide Detective Games; Classic Moments Bob's Bad Day; Collectors Corner Kevin Arnold (PlayStation 1); Conversion Kings Double Dragon III: The Rosetta Stone; EndGame Psychic Force 2: Regina's Ending; Feature The Legacy of the Jaguar; From the Archives Coktel Vision; Future Classic #69 Diablo III; Homebrew Nogalious, Zombie Calavera Prologue, Linez; Homebrew Astronaut Labyrinth, 30 Years of Nintendon't; How to Stream Your Retro Consoles; In the Chair Peter McConnell; Making of Sonic Adventure, Intensity, Poster Paster,; Making of Bushido: The Way of the Warrior, Space Station Silicon Valley; Retro Revival Mr Do!, Rampage, Adventure Game; Ultimate Guide #97 Ninja Gaiden; Ultimate Guide #98 Mega Man II; Ultimate Guide #99 Jungle Strike;
Inside the PlayStation 188 29 nov 18 A Moment Art With Depth (Steven Gauntley 8 Bit Boutique); Arcade Perfect #7 Pac-Man; Back to December 2001; Classic Moments Devil Crash MD; Collectors Corner Brenda Romero (Doom); EndGame Liberty or Death; Feature Inside the PlayStation; Extra 2019 Retro Gamer Calendar; From the Archives Bits Studios; History of Baldur's Gate; Homebrew Nebs 'N Debs, Mission: Liftoff, Kikstart, Trap Runner, Nova the Squirrel; How to Spot Pirate Games; In the Chair Kevin Edwards; Making of Fantasy World Dizzy, Arcade Club, The Count, Trespasser; Minority Report BIT Corporation Gamate: Bao Qing Tian, One Million Ways; Minority Report BIT Corporation Gamate: Nightmare of Santa Claus; Peripheral Vision Namco neGcon; Pushing the Limits Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles; Retro Revival Double Dragon, Splatterhouse 3, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance; Ultimate Guide #95 Toki; Ultimate Guide #96 Spyro The Dragon;
SNK 40 Years 187 1 nov 18 Back to November 2001; Bluffers Guide Western Games; Classic Moments Starquake; Collectors Corner Karl Taylor (Nintendo); Desert Island Disks Darren Melbourne; EndGame Mario Kart 64; Feature 40 Years of SNK, Restoring the Past SNK, Celebrating Game Boy Color; Extra The Mini SNK Companion Book, SNK Stickers; From the Archives Atomic Planet Entertainment Ltd; Hardware Heaven Sinclair ZX Spectrum +3; Homebrew Jon Williams' Baby Berks, Dawn of Kernel, Piconian; Homebrew Sir Ababol, Radar Rat Race; How to Navigate Japanese Menus; Lost In Translation Ozaki Naomichi No Super Masters, The King of fighters '94; Lost In Translation Kinnikuman: Muscle Tag Match; Making of The Eidolon, Gauntlet: The Third Encounter, The Getaway; Pushing the Limits RoboCop 3; Retro Revival Centipede, The King of Dragons, Jumping Flash!; Ultimate Guide #93 NARC; Ultimate Guide #94 Gynoug;
Fallout 186 4 ott 18 A Moment Jess Morrissette: The Video Game Soda Machine Project; Arcade Perfect #6 Frogger; Back to October 2001; Classic Moments Wonder Boy in Monster Land; Collectors Corner Paul Monaghan (Magazines); EndGame Rockin' Kats; Feature The Art of the 16-bit Loading Screen, Team 17: There and Back Again; Feature PlayStation: Inside Demo 1; From the Archives WJS Design; Hardware Heaven Bandai WonderSwan; History of Fallout; Homebrew Prince of Persia BBC, Cheril the Writer, Baby Berks; Homebrew Tomato Worm, Scramble; How to Run an Import Console; In the Chair David Mullich; Licence to Thrill #14 The Neverending Story; Making of Stormlord, Skydiver, Krusty's Fun House; Peripheral Vision Sega Game Gear TV Tuner Pack; Retro Revival Warlords, FIFA Soccer 95, Sin and Punishment: Successor to the Earth; Ultimate Guide #91 1943: The Battle of Midway; Ultimate Guide #92 Neo Drift Out New Technology; Unconverted Fantasy, Hoops '96, Asian Dynamite, Avengers in Galactic Storm;
Space Invaders 40 Years 185 6 set 18 A Moment Simon Butler: Dinosaur Pie; Back to September 2001; Classic Moments Lords of Thunder; EndGame Danan the Jungle Fighter; Feature The Impact of Space Invaders, Mega Cat Studios; Hardware Heaven Philips Videopac G7000, Nintendo Virtual Boy; History of Codemasters Simulators, Syphon Filter; Homebrew The World War Simulator: Part II, Gridiron; Homebrew Prisonnier 2, Project ZX 2, Bomb Jack Beer Edition; How to Run Arcade Games at Home; In the Chair David Jones; Making of Batalyx, Starion, The Neverhood, Disgaea: Hour of Darkness; Minority Report Game Gear: Kishin Douji Zenki, Buster Ball; Minority Report Game Gear: Ninkuu Gaiden: Hiroyuki Daikatsugeki; Pushing the Limits STUN Runner; Retro Revival Ice Climber, Lotus III: The Ultimate Challenge; Retro Revival Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance; Ultimate Guide #89 Raiden; Ultimate Guide #90 Another World;
Daytona USA 184 9 ago 18 A Moment Clive Townsend: Saboteur for Nintendo Switch; Back to August 2001; Classic Moments AMC: Astro Marine Corps; EndGame Pengo; From the Archives Emerald Software Limited; Feature Unlicensed to Thrill; Hardware Heaven Atari 2600, Super Nintendo; History of Cool Spot; Homebrew Train, VVVVVV, Galencia, Pyramid, The Sword of Ianna; Homebrew Time Pilot, Buddhagillie, 3D Monster Maze; How to Clean Your Cartridge Contacts; In the Chair Brian Colin; Lost In Translation Nekketsu Kouha Kumio-Kun: Bangai Rantou-Hen; Lost In Translation Capcom vs SNK: Millennium Fight 2000; Lost In Translation Bakuretsu Muteki Bangai-O; Making of Daytona USA, Oregon Trail, R-Type II, Loaded, Quake II; Peripheral Vision Sega Dreamcast Controller; Pushing the Limits Deep duck Trouble Starring Donald Duck; Retro Revival Astro Plumber, Devilish, Out Run, Eye of the Beholder; Ultimate Guide #87 R-Type II; Ultimate Guide #88 ThunderJaws; Unconverted The Maze of the Kings, Evolution Soccer, Dolphin Blue, The Next Space;
Tetris 35 Years 183 12 lug 18 A Moment Tommy Tallarico: Intellivsion Returns; Back to July 2001; Classic Moments Shinobi; EndGame Evolution Soccer; From the Archives Gilsoft; Feature The Art of the 8-bit Loading Screen; Hardware Heaven Neo-Geo Pocket Color, Atari Jaguar; History of Tetris, RealSports; Homebrew Sam's Journey, Galatic Tomb, Quahappy; Homebrew Mooncat's Trio, Bomb Jack Beer Edition; In the Chair Alain Fernandes; Lost In Translation Fighting Vipers, Elitserien 95, Gunbird; Making of Punch & Judy, Thrust, Sonic 3D: Flickies Island; Making of I have No Mouth And I Must Scream, Total Annihilation; Minority Report PlayStation: Sheep Dog 'N' Wolf, Firebugs, One Piece Mansion; Peripheral Vision Commodore 1541 Disk Drive; Pushing the Limits Stardust; Retro Inspired Stardew Valley; Retro Revival Overdrive, 3D Monster Maze; Retro Revival Fighter's History: Mizoguchi Kiki Ippatsu!; Ultimate Guide #86 The Last Blade; Unconverted TH Strikes Back, War: Final Assault, Silent Dragon, Deer Hunting USA;
Sega Mega Drive 30 Years 182 14 giu 18 A Moment Chris Wilkins: Return of ZZAP!64 / Jacqueline Ashwell: Text Games; Back to June 2001; Classic Moments Kirby's Adventure, Micro Machines V3; Collectors Guide Software Projects; Engine Room Build; EndGame Punky Skunk; From the Archives Digital Fantasia; Feature Inside the Sega Mega Drive; Extra Mini MEGA Mega Drive Companion Book, 20 Sega Stickers; Future Classic #68 The Witcher III: Wild Hunt; Hardware Heaven Nintendo 64; Homebrew Mazebord, Sam's Journey, Magic Blocks, Prince of Persia, Golden Wing; In the Chair Matt Gray; Making of Savage, Rock N' Roll Racing, Sony EyeToy; Minority Report Atari 8-Bit: Zybex, Ninja, Attack of the Mutant Camels; Peripheral Vision Sega Mega Drive Control Pad; Retro Revival Sindbad Mystery, Kokotoni Wilf; Retro Revival Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins, Super Sidekicks; Ultimate Guide #84 WEC Le Mans; Ultimate Guide #85 Mercs; Unconverted Quiz & Dragons: Capcom Quiz Game, 1944: The Loopmaster; Unconverted Battle Circuit, Avengers;
Street Fighter 181 17 mag 18 A Moment Makin Games: Raging Justice; Back to May 2001; Desert Island Disks Andy Beale; EndGame Street Fighter: The Movie - Captain Sawada's Ending; From the Archives Digital Pictures; Feature Street Fighter: Blow by Blow, The 8-Bit Architects; Feature The Simpsons Hit the Nes, Extra Life: Keeping Old Games Alive; Hardware Heaven Commodore Amiga CD32; Homebrew Heroes of Gorluth, Bosconian, Steel Ranger, Supa Zazai Da!; Homebrew Lunatic - Starring Miner Willy; Making of Rescue, Avalon and Dragontorc; Making of Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest, Hitmam: Codename 47; Minority Report Playstation 2: Mr Moskeeto, Gitaroo Man, Michigan: Report from Hell; Peripheral Vision Nintendo Game Cube Game Boy Player; Retro Revival Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, Renny Blaster; Ultimate Guide #82 Pengo; Ultimate Guide #83 Samurai Showdown;
Inside the Chaos Engine 180 19 apr 18 A Moment The Museum of Play's Jeremy K Saucier; Back to April 2001; Classic Moments Mickey Mania; Collectors Corner Paul Megara (various); EndGame Dear Boys; From the Archives Legend Entertainment; Feature Inside the Chaos Engine, Creating the C64 Games System; Hardware Heaven Sony Playstation 2; History of Battlezone, Saga; Homebrew Dungeons of Noudar 3D, Pets Rescue, Galencia, Stunt Car Racer; Homebrew Return to Genesis; In the Chair Ken Williams; Making of Total Eclipse & Total Eclipse II: The Sphinx Jinx; Making of Renegade III: The Final Chapter, Spider-Man vs The Kingpin, Arx Fatalis; Peripheral Vision Sega Master System Control Pad; Pushing the Limits Under Defeat; Retro Inspired Wulverblade; Retro Revival Podd, Bomb Jack, Super Aleste, Dino Crisis 2; Ultimate Guide #81 Power Drift; Whatever Happened to Sonic Crackers; Primo numero con una copertina esclusiva per gli abbonati
Pac-Man & Pac-Mania 179 22 mar 18 A Moment Two Point Studios Theme Hospital; Back to March 2001; Classic Moments Sabre Wulf; EndGame The Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse; Feature BBC Micro: King of the Arcade Clone; Extra Music CD Volume 1: C64 Remix, Bob Wakelin / C64 Double Sided Poster; Future Classic #67 Nex Machina; Collectors Guide Collecting Quicksilva; Hardware Heaven Sega Mega Drive, Sony Playstation PSone; History of Sonic on the Master System; Homebrew Mighty Final Fight, Ninja Gaiden Shadow; Homebrew Stranger Things, MAH, Weka Invaders, Icebox plus; In the Chair Gregg Mayles; Lost In Translation Elevator Action EX, Ganbare Gorby!, Soulcalibur; Making of Dark Star and Forbidden Planet, Moonstone: A Hard Days Knight; Making of Aladdin (Sega Mega Drive); Minority Report Dreamcast Import: The Lost Golem, Mars Matrix, Super Speed Racing; Peripheral Vision Archer Super-Deluxe Competition Joystick; Retro Revival Space Taxi, Fray CD: Xak Gaiden, Metal Gear Solid; Retro Revival Jurassic Park, Manx TT SuperBike; Story of Pac-Man on Atari 2600; Ultimate Guide #79 Pac-Mania; Ultimate Guide #80 Parodius; Unconverted Flip Maze, Pnickies, Toryumon, Puzzle King: Dance & Puzzle;
GoldenEye 007 178 22 feb 18 A Moment Jerry Ellis; Back to February 2001; Classic Moments Samurai Shodown; Collectors Corner Cathrine DeSpira (Arcade); EndGame South Park; From the Archives Warthog; Feature GoldenEye 007: The Declassified Report; Hardware Heaven Commodore 64; History of Championship Manager and Football Manager; History of CRL's Horror Adventure Games: Courting Controversy; Homebrew White Light, SQIJ 2018, Genius 2 - Into the Toy Caverns; Homebrew Cops and Robbers Chess; In the Chair Jane Whittaker (Andrew Whittaker); Making of Oh Mummy, The Need for Speed, Kingpin: Life of Crime; Minority Report Wrestling Games: Giant Gram 2000: All Japan Pro Wrestling 3; Minority Report Wrestling Games: Super Fire Pro Wrestling Special; Minority Report Wrestling Games: Extreme Warfare Revenge; Peripheral Vision Nintendo GameCube Controller; Pushing the Limits Town & Country II: Thrilla's Surfari; Retro Revival Thomas The Tank Engine, Ranarama, Crash Bandicoot; Story of MUD: The Original Dungeon Delver; Ultimate Guide #78 Enduro Racer; Unconverted Charlie Ninja, Double Axle, The Killing Blade, Hyperdrive;
Greatest Game Systems of All Time 177 25 gen 18 Back to January 2001; Classic Moments Super Skidmarks; Collectors Corner John Paul Sutherland (Nintendo); EndGame Spider-Man vs The Kingpin; From the Archives Looking Glass Studios; Feature The All Time Greatest Game Systems; Homebrew Amstrad Retro Dev 2017, XSpelunker, Draconic Throne, Zevimodoki; Homebrew RetroForce, Egghead 6: Egghead Goes to Town, Chibi Akumas - Episode 2; Homebrew Cookie, The Big Burrito; Licence to Thrill #13 Big Trouble In Little China; In the Chair Tony Williams; Making of Venture, Earthworm Jim 2; Retro Revival Roland on the Ropes, Rocket Knight Adventures; Retro Revival Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo, Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3; Ultimate Guide #77 Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse; Unconverted Fighting Layer, Battle K-Road; Unconverted Asura Blade: Sword of Dynasty, Solitary Fighter;
Contra 176 28 dic17 A Moment Pixwerk; Back to December 2000; Classic Moments Navy SEALs, Pilot Wings; Collectors Corner Martin Brear (Games Shed); EndGame Guy Spy and the Crystals of Armageddon; From the Archives Graftgold Creative Software; Future Classic #66 Bloodborne; Hardware Heaven Sega Master System; History of Amstrad: From CPC to PCW; Homebrew Blake's 7, Bears!, Cave81, Way of the Exploding Fist; Homebrew Sheep It Up, Space Hippies, NitroWheels; Licence to Thrill #12 Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure; In the Chair Jason Kingsley; Making of Contra III: The Alien Wars & Contra: Hard Corps, Frost Byte; Making of Eliminator, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney; Minority Report Football Games: Redcard, Ultimate Soccer, Premier Manager 3; Peripheral Vision Atari CX40 Joystick; Pushing the Limits Solaris; Retro Revival 3D Dotty, Cannon Fodder, Gate of Thunder, Aztarac; Ultimate Guide #75 Flying Shark; Ultimate Guide #76 Turok: Dinosaur Hunter; Whatever Happened to Rayman;
Sonic The Hedgehog 2 175 30 nov 17 A Moment Vinny Mainolfi; Back to November 2000; Classic Moments Quackshot Starring Donald Duck, Galaga '88; Collectors Corner Toddy McDonnell (SNES); EndGame Pocket Fighter: Dan's Ending; From the Archives Dynamix; Feature Collecting Ultimate Play The Game, The Sound of the Amiga; Feature Amiga CD32: 1993-1994; Hardware Heaven Game Boy Advance; History of Wolfenstein; Homebrew Unofficial Game Boy Jam 2017, Resident Evil Mega Drive; Homebrew Prince of Persia BBC, Planet Golf, Zukinox; Homebrew Killer Bees, Magical Tower Adventure; In the Chair Yuzo Koshiro; Making of Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Dark Chambers, The Lion King, Crash Team Racing; Minority Report BBC Micro: Fortress, Caving, The Alien From Outer Space; Peripheral Vision Donkey Kong DK Bongos; Pushing the Limits X; Retro Revival Jumping Jack, Llamatron 2112, Bubble Bobble; Ultimate Guide #74 Moon Cresta; Unconverted Chaos Heat, Demolish Fist, Hot Rod, Hard Dunk;
Inside the Xbox 174 2 nov 17 A Moment John Linneman at Digital Foundry; Back to October 2000; Classic Moments Lionheart; Collectors Corner Oliver Knagge (Amiga); Desert Island Disks Mark Pierce; EndGame Knucle Heads: Gregory's Ending; From the Archives Artic Computing Ltd.; Feature Inside the Xbox, Collecting Sinclair Research, 40 Years of the Atari 2600; Hardware Heaven Intellivision; History of YS; Homebrew Rescuing Orc, Tetravex, Draconic Throne, Pac-Mad; Making of Seaquest, Star Paws, Toonstruck, Conker's Bad Fur Day & Live & Reloaded; Minority Report PlayStation Simple 1500 Series: The Kendou Ken No Hanamichi; Minority Report PlayStation Simple 1500 Series: The Shooting, The Uchuu Hikoushi; Retro Revival Prohibition, Krusty's Super Fun House, The Chaos Engine; Retro Inspired Metroid: Samus Returns; Ultimate Guide #73 Legendary Warrior Rygar;
Super Mario Sunshine 173 5 ott 17 A Moment Andy Roberts; Back to September 2000; Classic Moments Castlevania: Blood Lines; Collectors Corner Steven Leicester (Various); EndGame Link: The Faces of Evil; From the Archives Sierra On-Line: The Adventure Game Years; Feature Great Expectations: Videogame Adaptations of Classic Books; Feature CD-i: Engineering Interactivity; Hardware Heaven Atari XL 800; History of Chuck Rock; Homebrew Trzaskowski's Tensor, Cross Chase, Bomb Runner 2, That Sinking Feeling; In the Chair Rob Zdybel; Making of Super Mario Sunshine, Rasputin, Emerald Isle, Zeewolf; Minority Report Super Nintendo Satellaview: BS Legend of Zelda; Minority Report Super Nintendo Satellaview: Radical Dreamers, BS F-Zero Grand Prix; Peripheral Vision PlayStation 2 Taiko Drum Controller; Retro Revival Gyruss, Elemental Master, Kirby & The Amazing Mirror; Ultimate Guide #71 Laser Squad; Ultimate Guide #72 Shock Troopers; Unconverted Metamoqester, Chase Bombers, Top Secret, Ranger Mission; Whatever Happened to Resident Evil: Game Boy Color;
PC Engine: Import Icon + Super Play 172 7 set 17 A Moment Andy Remic; Back to August 2000; Classic Moments Phoenix, Sunset Riders; Collectors Corner Jamie Monk (Various); Desert Island Disks Adrian Longland; EndGame Star Parodier; From the Archives M Network; Feature PC Engine: Import Icon, The ZX Spectrum: 35 Years - 35 Games; Extra Super Play Magazine Issue 48; Future Classic #65 Inside; Hardware Heaven Sega Game Gear; History of Medal of Honor; Homebrew Trailblazer, Quasarius, Roboprobe/48, Stranded; Making of Mayhem in Monsterland, Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth; Minority Report Atari ST: Eye of Horus, Ork, Son Shu Shi; Peripheral Vision NES Advantage; Retro Revival Palace of Magic, Rod-Land, Super Hang On, Jet Set Radio; Ultimate Guide #69 Moon Patrol; Ultimate Guide #70 Night Trap; Unconverted Dead Connection, Spikers Battle, Goalie Ghost; Whatever Happened to Dragon Sword; Super Play Issue 48
The Kings of Donkey Kong 171 10 ago 17 A Moment George Cropper; Back to July 2000; Classic Moments The Immortal, Mischief Makers; Collectors Corner Matt Fisher (Game Boy); EndGame Splatterhouse 3; From the Archives Introversion Software; Feature The Kings of Donkey Kong, Nintendo Classic Mini SNES, PocketStation; Future Classic #64 Undertale; Hardware Heaven Sinclair QL; Homebrew Abu Simbel Profanation, Robot 1 in the Ship of Doom, Void Quest, Blimpgeddon; In the Chair Simon Phipps; Licence to Thrill #11 Aliens; Lost In Translation Enduro Racer, Zettai Zetsumei Toshi 2, Crash Bandicoot: Warped; Making of Saboteur 2, Arch Rivals, Wild Guns; Minority Report Game Boy Advance: Ninja Cop, Hajime No Ippo: The Fighting, Guru Logi Champ; Peripheral Vision Nintendo Super Scope; Pushing the Limits R-Type; Retro Revival Shadow Fax, Shanghai, Super Adventure Island, Dungeon Explorer; Ultimate Guide #68 Zaxxon; Unconverted Spider-Man: The Videogame, Toy Fighter, Mister Viking, Bullet;
Final Fantasy 30 Years 170 13 lug 17 A Moment Eugene Jarvis; Back to June 2000; Classic Moments Starglider; Collectors Corner Sophie Tabak (Harvest Moon); EndGame Metal Slug X; From the Archives Tronix; Feature 30 Years of Final Fantasy, Collecting Codemasters, 35 Years of Commodore 64; Future Classic #63 Dishonored; Hardware Heaven Sega Mega-CD; Homebrew Jubbles, Pet Snake, Space Junk, El Tesoro Perdido De Cuauthemoc; In the Chair David Kelly; Licence to Thrill #10 Platoon; Making of Final Fantasy XII, Obsidian, StarCraft; Minority Report Sega Mega Drive Modem: Pyramid Magic, Ikasuze! Penguin Land, Sonic Eraser; Peripheral Vision Sega Master System Control Stick; Pushing the Limits The Lost World: Jurassic Park; Retro Revival Keystone Kapers, Wizkid, Air Zonk; Ultimate Guide #67 The Ninja Warriors;
Virtua Fighter 169 15 giu 17 A Moment Shaun McClure; Arcade Perfect #5 Double Dragon; Back to May 2000; Classic Moments Kirby's Fun Pak, Football Glory; Collectors Corner Simon Platt (The Codie Collector); EndGame Night Trap; From the Archives Bally Sente; Feature 30 Years of Dizzy, Super Game Boy; Future Classic #62 Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan; Homebrew Astro Force, Code Zero, Zevimodoki, Bear Essentials; Impact of Scramble; In the Chair Nobuo Uematsu; Making of Virtua Fighter, Koronis Rift, Redhawk and Kwah!, Chimera, Alien Front Online; Minority Report Text Adventures: The Pawn, Terrormolinos, The Hobbit; Peripheral Vision Steel Battalion Controller; Pushing the Limits Flimbo's Quest; Retro Revival Cadash, Vroom, Gunstar Future Heroes; Ultimate Guide #66 Puyo Puyo;
Star Wars: Rogue Squadron 168 18 mag 17 A Moment Retro Radio; Back to April 2000; Classic Moments The Tale of Beta Lyrae; Collectors Corner Tom Rabett (game shed); EndGame Soul Blade: Voldo's Ending; From the Archives Imagine Software; Feature 40 Years of Commodore PET, MSX: The Best of the West; History of Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, Alien Breed; Homebrew Standard Deviation, RMB, A Game of Life, Mega Cheril Perils; In the Chair Mark Cerny; Making of Nebulus, Out on a Limb, Half Life 2; Minority Report Sega SG-1000: Girl's Garden, GP World, Hustle Chumy; Peripheral Vision PlayStation Dance Mat; Retro Revival Chuckie Egg 2, Mega Man X, Saturn Bomberman; Retro Inspired Fire Emblem Echoes; Ultimate Guide #65 Sly Spy;
Mario Kart 167 20 apr 17 A Moment Mikado Game Center; Back to March 2000; Classic Moments Wings; Collectors Corner Mark R jones (ZX Spectrum); Desert Island Disks Richard Costello; EndGame Vitua Fighter Kids: Sarah Bryant's Ending; From the Archives Mosaic Publishing; Feature Making a Splash: Frogger, 35 Years of The Colecovision; Future Classic #61 Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc; History of Gex; Homebrew Slipstream, Oh Mummy!, Slime Center, GPAC Dementia Defender; Making of Super Mario Kart, Phantasy Star, Screamer; Minority Report Amstrad CPC 6128: Mega Blasters, Fres Fighter II Turbo, B.A.T.; Peripheral Vision Sega Saturn Controller; Readers Revival Mystery House; Retro Revival Kirby's Dream Land, Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death Adder; Retro Inspired Thimbleweed Park; Ultimate Guide #64 APB: All Points Bulletin;
Road Rash 166 23 mar 17 A Moment Rene Richard db Electronics; Arcade Perfect #4 Donkey Kong; Back to February 2000; Bluffers Guide Disney; Classic Moments Target: Renegade; Collectors Corner Mark Crosby (Sega Mega Drive); EndGame Art of Fighting 3: Kasumi Todoh; From the Archives Cronosoft; Feature The Rise of the Amiga 500; Hardware Heaven PlayStation Portable; Homebrew Minesnake, Tujate, Boxx 3, Geometrix; In the Chair Mo Warden; Licence to Thrill #9 Labyrinth; Making of Road Rash, Tusker, Lomax; Pushing the Limits The Adventures of Batman & Robin; Readers Revival Wario Land II; Retro Rated Doom: The Board Game (2017); Retro Revival Alley Cat, Dan Dare: Pilot of the Future, “I, Robot”; Retro Inspired Yooka-Laylee; Ultimate Guide #62 Thunder Blade; Ultimate Guide #63 Windjammers;
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past 165 23 feb 17 Back to January 2000; Classic Moments Rolling Thunder; Desert Island Disks Bob Smith; EndGame The Strangers; From the Archives Bubble Bus Software; Feature Nintendo Switch Retro Titles, Action Max, Top 20 Apple II Games; Future Classic #60 Viva Pinata; Hardware Heaven Nintendo Super Famicom; History of Iron Soldier; Homebrew Chibi Akuma(s), Lizard Willy, Frogger Arcade, Pietro Bros; Making of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Uridium 2, Bubsy 3D, Black; Minority Report Sega Mega Drive: Generations Lost, Eliminate Down, Master of Monsters; Peripheral Vision Game Boy Printer; Pushing the Limits Savage; Readers Revival Aztec Adventure; Retro Revival Bactron, Autoduel; Ultimate Guide #61 Alien Storm;
Resident Evil 164 26 gen 17 A Moment Philip and Andrew Oliver; Arcade Perfect #3 Space Harrier; Classic Moments Panzer Dragoon; Collectors Corner Arron Davis (various); EndGame World of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck; From the Archives Top Ten Hits; Feature The Legacy of Resident Evil, Game Genie; Future Classic #59 Batman Arkham Asylum; History of Match Day, Discworld; Homebrew CPC RetroDev, Mini Doom, Amiga Mario,; Homebrew Codename: Intruder, 1010!, Snake Escape, Donkey Kong; In the Chair Suda51; Making of E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, Hunchback, Todd's Adventures in Slime World; Minority Report Super Nintendo: Hagane: The Final Conflict, Phalanx, Legend; Peripheral Vision Dreamcast Gun; Readers Revival The Goonies; Retro Revival Pole Position, Wizard of Wor, SonSon II; Ultimate Guide #60 Gauntlet II;
Tomb Raider 20 Years 163 29 dic16 A Moment Hardlight; Arcade Perfect #2 Missile Command; Classic Moments Barbarian: The Ultimate Warrior; EndGame Cho Aniki; From the Archives Blitz Games Studios; Feature 20 Years of an Icon: Tomb Raider, Sega SG-1000, 20 Games that Pushed the Limits; Future Classic #58 The Witness; Homebrew GBJam, Bosconian, Bridge Strike, Merry Christmas from Horace; Homebrew Moonspire, Pang, Magica; In the Chair Satoru Okada; Making of Microsurgeon, Area 51, Destruction Derby 2; Minority Report Atari 2600: Solaris, Secret Quest, Defender II; Readers Revival Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon; Retro Revival Mario's Picross, Mercenary; Story of Diablo; Ultimate Guide #59 Cabal;
Chase HQ 162 30 nov 16 A Moment Piko Interactive; Arcade Perfect #1 Star Wars; Classic Moments Dynamite Cop; Collectors Corner Mega Drive; EndGame Home Alone; From the Archives Abbex Electronics; Feature The Legacy of Metroid, Play Retro Today; History of Warcraft; Hardware Heaven ZX Spectrum; Homebrew 2016 C64 4K Game Coding Competition, Space Hawks, Mysterious Dimensions; Homebrew Deus Ex Machina 30th Anniversary, Genius into the Toy Warehouse, Vilq, Spycat; In the Chair Kevin Bayliss; Licence to Thrill #8 Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom; Making of Panther, Myriad, Zool, Pandemonium!; Minority Report Sega Saturn Shoot-'em-Ups: Darius Gaiden, Soukyugurentai, Guardian Force; Readers Revival Cybertron Mission; Retro Revival Qix, Armalyte; Ultimate Guide #58 Chase HQ;
Pokémon 161 3 nov 16 A Moment Bespoke Arcades; Back to December 1999; Classic Moments Syndicate; Collectors Corner Mega Drive; Desert Island Disks Paul Clansey; EndGame The Simpsons: Bart vs the Space Mutants; From the Archives Imagic; Feature How Pokemon Caught The World, Atari 2600 Jr, Top 25 Game Boy Advance Games; Homebrew Chunk Zone, AlarCity, Advanced Space Battle, Gravitus Minus, Super Uwol, Shotgun; Homebrew Defence, Treasures of Ali-Gear, Super Robin, Golden Tail; Licence to Thrill #7 Toy Story; Making of The Horace Trilogy, Umihara Kawase, Clay Fighter; Minority Report Amiga CD32: Benefactor, Banshee, Shadow Fighter; Peripheral Vision Beatmania Controller; Readers Revival Dork's Dilemma?; Retro Revival Mazogs, Blood Money, Saboteur II: Avenging Angel; Ultimate Guide #56 Darius; Ultimate Guide #57 Rez;
Super Mario 64 160 6 ott 16 A Moment Gary Vincent; Back to November 1999; Classic Moments Double Dragon, Super Scramble Simulator; Collectors Corner Classic Computers; EndGame Ridge Racer Type 4; From the Archives Beyond Games; Feature Super Mario 64: Nintendo's 3D Game Changer, The Hit Squad; Feature 15 Years of Nintendo GameCube; In the Chair Glen Corpes; Homebrew Doomsday Lost Echoes, Golden Tail, Papi Commando Tennis; Homebrew Dungeoneer Games and Simulations, Manic Mower, Ancient Legends; Homebrew Fantasy World Daisy, Tourmaline, Bubbo World 2; Making of Marauder, The Tex Murphy Series, Frostbite; Minority Report Amstrad 6128 Plus: Prehistorik 2: Back to Hungerland; Minority Report Amstrad 6128 Plus: Fluff, Stryker in the Crypts of Trogan; Peripheral Vision EyeToy; Readers Revival Popeye's Beach Volleyball; Retro Revival Ninja Baseball Bat Man, Stop The Express, Bandit; Ultimate Guide #54 The Story of Thor; Ultimate Guide #55 The House of the Dead;
Streets of Rage II 159 8 Sep 16 Back To October 1999; Classic Moments Horace Goes Skiing; EndGame The House of the Dead; From The Archives 30 Years of Codemasters; Feature NES Mini: Now Even Smaller, Neo-Geo CD; History of Worms, Crash Bandicoot; In The Chair Jim Huether; Homebrew Uwol Quest For Money, Cave Story, Agony!, Yun, Athanor, Car Wars; Homebrew BitBitJam 3, Knight 'N More, Guns And Riders, Pac-Pac; Making of Streets of Rage II, Snapper, Halls of the Things; Minority Report Master System: Masters of Combat, Power Strike, Megumi Resue; Peripheral Vision Super Game Boy; Readers Revival Virtual Boy: Wario Land, Bandana City; Retro Revival Chain Reaction; Ultimate Guide #53 Pang;
Sonic The Hedgehog 25 Years 158 11 Aug 16 A Moment Jason Daniels; Back To September 1999; Classic Moments Another World; EndGame Capcom Vs. SNK 2; From The Archives Delphine Software; Feature March of the Mascots, Inside the Sinclair ZX81, Clash of the Handhelds; Future Classic #57 Grand Theft Auto V; Hardware Heaven Dreamcast; In The Chair Gregg Tavares; Homebrew Kabura, Excalibur, Adios A La Casta 2, The Dark, Space Chase, Coolbox; Homebrew Quod init Exit Iim, Blocky Skies, Space Invaders Arcade Emulator, Ralph 4; Licence to Thrill #6 Top Gun; Making of Star Wars Episode 1 Racer, Fur Fighters; Minority Report Amiga 500: Floor 13, Ultimate Soccer Manager, Base Jumpers; Readers Revival Army Moves; Retro Revival Auf Wiedersehen Monty, Inside Outing; Story of Sonic The Hedgehog; Ultimate Guide #51 Slap Fight; Ultimate Guide #52 Super Smash Bros.;
N64: Nintendo's Midas Touch 20 Years 157 14 July 16 A Moment Joypad Arcade; Back To August 1999; Bluffers Guide Pinball; Classic Moments The Trap door; EndGame Rapid Reload: Axel's Ending; From The Archives Big Five Software; Feature 20 Years of N64: Nintendo's Midas Touch 20 Years; Hardware Heaven PlayStation; History of Bonk; In The Chair Ashley Routledge and Dave Saunders; Homebrew Game Jolt's Adventure Jam 2016, SceptreQuest 1, Popeye; Homebrew Manic Miner, Sokoban, Pentagram, Jewel Warehouse; Licence to Thrill #5 Alien 3; Making of Combat, Fire and Ice; Minority Report ZX Spectrum: The Biz, Mean Streak, Hijack; Readers Revival Super Robot Pinball; Retro Revival Karateka, Magical Hat No Buttobi Turbo! Daibouken; Ultimate Guide #49 Hyper Sports; Ultimate Guide #50 Final Fight;
Out Run: The Road Trip of a Life Time 30 Years 156 16 June 16 A Moment Luke Zapart; Back To July 1999; Classic Moments The Legend of the Mystical Ninja; Desert Island Disks Terry Pratt; EndGame Space Invaders '95: The Attack of Lunar Loonies ; From The Archives Probe Software; Feature The A-Z of JRPGs, Game Boy Advance; Future Classic #56 Super Mario Galaxy; History of Out Run; Homebrew SMS Power 2016, Mr Vintik, Sky Kid, Hessian, Llamatron, RGCD 16K 2015; Homebrew Deep Core Raider, Oubliette, A Prelude to Chaos; Licence to Thrill #4 Aladdin; Making of Universal Hero, Gravitar, Hydro Thunder; Peripheral Vision Kempston Competition Pro; Readers Revival Galaxions; Retro Revival Turbo Esprit, Samurai Shodown II, Rick Dangerous 2; Retro Inspired Enter The Gungeon; Ultimate Guide #48 Mr Do!;
NES 30 Years 155 19 May 16 A Moment Kyle Edwards WWE Experience; Back To June 1999; Classic Moments 3D Ant Attack; EndGame Target: Renegade; Feature NES 30 Years of Entertainment, The Need For Speed (Running); History of Sega, Fatal Fury; Homebrew Mah Jongg, Towers of Hanoi, Pothole Percy, Husband Chores, Frank N Stein; Homebrew The Lands of Zador, Egghead, Hessian, Wing Warriors, Nadral, Battle City; In The Chair Ed Fries; Licence to Thrill #3 The Godfather ; Making of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, Master of Orion; Minority Report Commodore 64: Rocket Ball, Bird Mother, The Detective Game; Peripheral Vision Master System Converter; Readers Revival Metagalactic Llamas Battle at the Edge of Time; Retro Revival Scramble, Fruit Machine Simulator; Ultimate Guide #46 BurgerTime; Ultimate Guide #47 Ghouls 'N Ghosts;
Quake 20 Years 154 21 April 16 A Moment The Dark Room; Back To May 1999; Classic Moments Atic Atac, Mario Kart 64; EndGame Cyber-Lip; From The Archives Microids; Feature 20 Years of Quake, VIC-20: Alive & Kicking; Future Classic #55 Uncharted 2: Among Thieves; History of Dead or Alive ; Hardware Heaven Atari 1040ST; Homebrew Dark Castle, Balloon Girl, Slime Deluxe, Ghost Town, Shadow Gangs; Homebrew Spaceball 2016, Cracker's Revenge, IntyBasic 2015, Popeye, Castaway, Hugohunt; In The Chair Stuart Cox; Licence to Thrill #2 Cobra; Making of 3D Starstrike & Starstrike II; Making of Croc: Legend of the Gobbos; Minority Report Atari Lynx: Battlezone 2000, Battlewheels, Checkered Flag; Peripheral Vision Sega Saturn 4MB Extended Ram Cartridge; Readers Revival Blue Meanies From Outer Space; Retro Revival Top Gear, Popeye; Ultimate Guide #44 Renegade; Ultimate Guide #45 Desert Strike;
Sega's Big Gamble 153 24 Mar 16 A Moment Shark Protectors; Back To April 1999; Classic Moments Samba De Amigo Ver. 2000; EndGame Sonic Wings 3 - Robo-Keaton's Ending; Feature Sega's Big Gamble: Mega-CD & 32X, 40 Years of Apple, How Rare Ruled The N64 ; History of Operation Wolf; Homebrew Penguin Adventure, Bobby Bearing, Skool Daze, Bubbo World, Rock Maze; Homebrew Tyrian, Spring Warrior, Solargun, Asteroidx, Priest John McPuke; In The Chair Chuck Sommerville; Licence to Thrill #1 Robocop ; Making of Yar's Revenge, Blagger & Son of Blagger, Omikron: The Nomad Soul; Minority Report Super Famicom: Hameln No Violin Hiki, Cosmo Gang: The Video; Minority Report Super Famicom: Super Mad Champ; Peripheral Vision Super Nintendo SNES Controller; Readers Revival Timeslip; Retro Revival T.L.L - Tornado Low Level, Thrust; Ultimate Guide #43 Super Monaco GP;
WipEout 2097 152 25 Feb 16 A Moment London Gaming Market; Back To March 1999; Classic Moments Everyone's A Wally, Moonstone: A Hard Days Knight; Desert Island Disks Mike Dailly; EndGame Time Gal; From The Archives Eurocom; Future Classic #54 Castlevania: Lords of Shadow; History of Ikari Warriors, Sega Rally; Hardware Heaven ZX Spectrum +2, Vectrex; Homebrew Frogger Arcade, Bomb Munchies, Jump Ninja, E-Type, Begemed, Ninja Savior; Making of WipEout 2097, Trantor: The Last Storm Trooper, Blue Lightning, Psychonauts; Minority Report Game Boy Color: Samurai Kid, Lil' Monster; Minority Report Game Boy Color: Macross 7 - Ginga No Heart O Furuwasero; Readers Revival Roland Ahoy!; Retro Revival Batman Returns, Blockbusters; Ultimate Guide #41 Turrican II: The Final Fight; Ultimate Guide #42 Duke Nukem 3D;
Street Fighter II 25 Years 151 27 Jan 16 A Moment Park Productions; Back To February 1999; Classic Moments S.D.I. Strategic Defence Initiative; EndGame Road Rash; Feature Celebrating The Macintosh; Feature A Deck of Legends: Walter Day's Videogame Trading Cards; Feature Top 25 Neo-Geo Games; From The Archives 21st Century Entertainment; History of Hunchback; Homebrew Saboteur, Issyos, Super Obliteration, ABBUC Software Competion 2015; Homebrew Dork Dave And The Dirty Trick, Waimanu Scary Monsters Saga, Piggy Bank; In The Chair Ron Gilbert; Making of Scooby Doo, Zzoom, Micro Machines 2 & Turbo Tournament; Minority Report Nintendo 64: Beetle Adventure Racing, Operation Winback; Minority Report Nintendo 64: Rocket: Robot On Wheels; Peripheral Vision Intellivision Controller; Readers Revival Night Stalker; Retro Revival JCB Digger, Realm of the Trolls; Story of Street Fighter II; Ultimate Guide #40 Head Over Heels;
Your 150 Greatest Games Ever 150 31 Dec 15 Back To January 1999; EndGame Behind The Scenes Of Retro Gamer Issue 150; Feature Your 150 Greatest Games Ever!, Inside The Commodore 64; Feature Alexey Pajitnov Celebrating Tetris, The Arcade Pioneer: The Story Of Yu Suzuki; History of Nintendo; Making of Jet Set Willy, Sid Meier's Civilization, Resident Evil 4;
Star Wars 149 27 Nov 15 A Moment Monster Finger Games; Back To December 1998; Classic Moments Fantastic Dizzy, Virtua Cop; EndGame Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster Busts Loose; Feature The Greatest Star Wars Games Ever, Philips Videopac G7000; Feature Radiating Quality: The Legacy of Half-Life ; From The Archives Acclaim ; Future Classic #53 Pursuit Force ; History of The Games Series; Hardware Heaven Atari Lynx ; Homebrew Msxdev 2015, Total Eclipse, Sprint 1 C64, Boom!, Cap'n Rescue: The Escape; Homebrew Demons of Dex, Squarex, Pingouin Rose, Blap 'N Bash; In The Chair Mike Hally ; Making of Saboteur, Walker; Minority Report GameCube: Lost Kingdoms, Chibi-Robo!, Beach Spikers; Peripheral Vision G-Con 45; Readers Revival Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge; Retro Revival Thunder Force IV, F355 Challenge; Ultimate Guide #39 Star Wars;
All-Time Greatest BBC Games 148 3 Nov 15 A Moment Stuart Ashen; Back To November 1998; Classic Moments Fat Worm Blows A Sparky; EndGame World Heroes 2: Ryoko's Ending; Feature All-Time Greatest BBC Games, The Chronicles of Midnight; Feature Playing With Power: The Super Nintendo 25 Years on ; From The Archives Artworx; Homebrew 2015 ZXS Retro Game Jam, Boom!, RoboCop Classic v1.1; Homebrew The Ultimate Guide To Amiga PD Games, Forum 64 Game Competition 2015; Homebrew Sprint 1, Tetris MD, Hop 'N' Frog, Pac-Mania; In The Chair Charles Cecil ; Making of Get Dexter, Digger T. Rock: The Legend of the Lost City, Gunblade NY; Making of Command & Conquer; Peripheral Vision Atari 2600 Paddle Controller; Readers Revival The Quest For Camelot; Retro Revival Kikstart 2, Space Invaders; Ultimate Guide #37 Gunstar Heroes; Ultimate Guide #38 Karnov;
30 Greatest Super Mario Moments 147 8 Oct 15 A Moment Jamie Crook; Back To October 1998; Classic Moments Typhoon Thompson In Search for the Sea Child; Desert Island Disks Patricia Curtis; EndGame Football Glory; Feature 30 Greatest Super Mario Moments, Interton Electronic VC 4000 Retrospective; From The Archives Human Engineered Software; History of Splatterhouse; Hardware Heaven Amiga 1200; Homebrew GB Jam, Text Adventure CPC, Bomber, Majesty of Sprites; Homebrew Serpent Caves - Retro Edition, Tro-Now, RoboCop Classic, Red Planet; Making of Vortex, Friday The 13th, Tomb Raider; Minority Report Game Boy: Ultraman Ball, Burning Paper, Dragon Tail; Peripheral Vision Intellivoice; Readers Revival Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams; Retro Revival Kick Off 2, Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards; Ultimate Guide #36 Mortal Kombat II;
Space Harrier 146 10 Sep 15 A Moment Maya Pixelskaya; Back To September 1998; Classic Moments Tales of the Arabian Nights, Way of the Exploding Fist; EndGame Psycho World; Feature Arcade Perfect: Neo-Geo Retrospective 25 Years, 30 Greatest Weapons Ever!; Feature Coding Back The Years, Kevin Toms: From Board Games to Pitchside; From The Archives Audiogenic; History of Broken Sword; Hardware Heaven Coleco Vision; Homebrew Game Jolt: Indies Vs Gamers, Fairlight, The Return of Traxtor; Homebrew The Ultimate Guide to Amiga PD Games, Laserball 2015, Zombo; Homebrew Bomberman: Milena's Test, Pixel Pix; Making of H.E.R.O., Jumping Jack; Minority Report Dreamcast: Cosmic Smash, Outtrigger, Sports Jam; Peripheral Vision N64 Controller; Readers Revival Darxide; Retro Revival Enduro Racer, Booty; Ultimate Guide #35 Metal Gear Solid;
Space Harrier 145 13 Aug 15 A Moment Darren Melbourne; Back To August 1998; Classic Moments ESWAT: City Under Siege, Astro Boy: Omega Factor, Gran Turismo; EndGame Super Mario World; Feature The Budget BBC: An Acorn Electron Retrospective, Top 25 PC Engine Games; From The Archives New Generation Software; Future Classic #52 Amnesia: The Dark Descent; History of The Bard's Tale; Hardware Heaven Sega Saturn; Homebrew Dylan The Spaceman, The Great Escape, Boray Gammon, Jam It, Super 48K Box; Homebrew Poetiru, James And Watch - Arm, Ghosts 'N Goblins Arcade; In The Chair Simon Pick; Making of Space Harrier, Bruce Lee, Alleykat; Minority Report ZX Spectrum 128: Where Time Stood Still, Navy Seals, Blizzard Pass; Peripheral Vision Game Boy Camera; Readers Revival Chameleon Twist; Retro Revival Defenders of Oasis, NHL 96, Final Fight CD; Ultimate Guide #34 Arkanoid;
1942 144 16 Jul 15 A Moment Jesse McClure; Back To July 1998; Bluffers Guide Marvel Superhero Games; Classic Moments Granny's Garden; EndGame Atomic Robo-Kid; Feature Top 25 Xbox Games; From The Archives Gamestar; Hardware Heaven Amstrad CPC 464; Homebrew Booming Boy, The Legends of Owlia, Jet Set Willy, P0 Snake; Homebrew Maxwell Mouse And The Missing Game Mystery, Stormfinch, Puzcat, Dribol, Flype; In The Chair David Darling; Making of Firetrack, Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap, Magic: The Gathering; Making of Diddy Kong Racing; Minority Report PlayStation: Slap Happy Rhythm Busters, Fox Junction, Speed Power Gunbike; Peripheral Vision Visual Memory Unit; Readers Revival Shark! Shark!; Retro Revival Fire Emblem, Shenmue; Retroinspection Magnavox Odyssey; Ultimate Guide #32 1942; Ultimate Guide #33 Dig Dug;
F-Zero 25 Years 143 18 Jun 15 A Moment Devin Monnens; Back To June 1998; Classic Moments Tusker; Desert Island Disks David Lowe; EndGame No One Can Stop… Mr Domino; Feature F-Zero: A Racing Revolution 25 Years, Top 25 Atari ST Games; Feature Amstrad GX4000: 25 Years on; From The Archives Black Isle Studios; Future Classic #51 Blur; History of Repton; Homebrew GameJolt 2015, JBiplane, Matilda Castle, Kaboom!, Mr Angry Dude; Homebrew Break 64, Lander 2, Vade Retro; Making of Xenophobe, Dungeon Keeper, Max Payne; Minority Report PC Engine CD: Akumajou Dracula X: Chi No Rondo; Minority Report Galaxy Deka Gayvan, Motteke Tamago; Peripheral Vision Master System Light Phaser; Readers Revival Rebel; Retro Revival Powerplay: The Game of the Gods, Stryker's Run, Body Blows; Talking Shop Games You Loved; Ultimate Guide #31 Master of Darkness;
Shoot-'Em-Ups 142 21 May 15 A Moment Jonathan Smith; Back To May 1998; Bluffers Guide Shoot-'Em-Ups; Classic Moments Spy Vs Spy; EndGame Penguin Adventure; Feature The Greatest Multiplayer Games Ever!, Texas Instruments TI-99; From The Archives Loriciels; In The Chair Andrew Hewson; History of Rebelstar, Twisted Metal; Homebrew Tecno Ninja, Ultima IV Remastered, Pacapong, Bruce Lee 2; Homebrew Robots, Shoot The UFO 2015, Knightmare, Bruce Lee; Making of Black Widow, Blade Runner; Readers Revival Pro Wrestling; Retro Revival Side Pocket, Wheelie; Talking Shop Time Trap Arcade; Ultimate Guide #30 Bionic Commando;
Gaming's Biggest Disasters 141 23 Apr 15 A Moment Simon Thomley; Back To April 1998; Bluffers Guide Licensed Games; Classic Moments Kenseiden, Power Stone 2; EndGame Mr Driller 2; Feature Gaming's Biggest Disasters, Creating Centipede; From The Archives System 3; Future Classic #50 The Walking Dead: Season One; In The Chair Brian Fargo; Homebrew Dragon's Lair, Toledo AtomChess, G-Zero, Castlevania: Spectral Interlude; Homebrew Dangerous Rick, Unheart, Rock Paper Scissors, Doroppu; Lost In Translation Anmitsu Hime, Shenmue II, The Simpsons; Making of Driller, 720º; Minority Report NEC PC-98: Totsugeki! Mix, Garyuoh, Tamashii No Mon; Readers Revival Blagger; Retro Revival Airball, Time Bandit; Talking Shop Console Passion; Ultimate Guide #28 Parasol Stars; Ultimate Guide #29 Ivan Ironman Stewart's Super Off Road;
Lemmings 140 26 Mar 15 A Moment Jim Bagley; Back To March 1998; Classic Moments Game Over, The House of the Dead 2; EndGame Sonic The Hedgehog; Feature Atari ST: A 30 Year Legacy, Top 25 Sports Games, ; From The Archives Strategic Simulations Inc; Future Classic #49 FEZ; In The Chair Carleton Handley; Homebrew Chimera+, Pac-Man Arcade, Mini Cookie, Scramble Slug, #MSXDEV 2014; Homebrew Pointless Fighing, Mr. Balloon, Solomon's Key 2: Fire 'n' Ice, Wipeout 2600; Homebrew Burgers of Hanoi, Megablasters: Escape From Castle In The Clouds; Making of Jetstrike, Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe; Minority Report Oric-1: Zorgon's Revenge, The Hobbit, L'Aigle d'Or; Readers Revival Dragon Trek; Retro Revival Supremacy: Your Will Be Done, Boulder Dash; Retro Inspired Shovel Knight; Story of Trashman: Taking Out The Trash, Deus Ex: Augmented Gaming; Ultimate Guide #26 Lemmings; Ultimate Guide #27 Kung-Fu Master;
The Greatest NES Games 139 3 Mar 15 A Moment Paul Rose; Back To February 1998; Classic Moments Citadel, Aladdin; EndGame Power Blade 2; Feature The Greatest NES Games, RCA Studio II, RPG Heaven: The Greatest SNES RPGS of All Time; From The Archives Titus Software; In The Chair Mark Healey; Homebrew SSCGC: Shadow of the Beef, Boxx 2, Scramble C64, Ralph Baer's Pinball; Homebrew RGCD 16K Cartridge Competition, Jet Paco, Ice SLider Z, Pusher, Automania; Lost In Translation Megami Ibunroku Persona, Biohazard, Double Dragon III: The Rosetta Stone; Making of Batman, Sonic R, Road Rash, Resident Evil Remake; Minority Report Amstrad GX4000: Pang, Switchblade, Plotting; Readers Revival Big Mac The Mad Maintenance Man; Retro Revival The Transformers, Winter Games, Perfect Dark; Talking Shop Warez Retro Shop; Ultimate Guide #25 Operation Thunderbolt;
From Point to Click 138 5 Feb 15 A Moment Alkis Polyrakis; Back To January 1998; Bluffers Guide Point And click Adventures; Classic Moments Trantor: The Last Stormtrooper; EndGame Gemfire; Feature Sega Game Gear: 25 Years On, Top 25 ZX81 Games; From The Archives Sirius Software; In The Chair Chris Sawyer; History of Star Wars: Dark Forces and the Jedi Knight Series; Homebrew The Prisoner CPC, Ludum Dare 31, A Shot In The Dark, Xplode Man, Tank Battalion; Homebrew Donkey Kong Junior, Scramble Slug, Superted: The Search For Spot; Making of Hired Guns, Super Bug, Agent X: In The Brain Drain Caper; Minority Report Dragon 32: Phantom Slayer, Backtrack, Time Bandit; Readers Revival Hoppit; Retro Revival Tekken 2, Arkanoid III, Cloud Master; Retro Round Up Resident Evil HD, Burnin' Ranger, Tetris Ultimate, Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition; Retro Inspired Super Meat Boy; Talking Shop Funstock; Ultimate Guide #24 Commando; Unconverted Demon Front, Fast Lane, Surf Planet;
PlayStation 20 Years 137 2 Jan 15 A Moment Matt Gray; Back To December 1997; Bluffers Guide Dungeons & Dragons; Classic Moments Ys: The Vanished Omens, Monty Python's Flying Circus; Desert Island Disks Jez San; EndGame Dizzy: Prince of the Yolk Folk; Feature How The PlayStation Changed Gaming 20 years, ; From The Archives Automata UK; Future Classic #48 Hotline Miami; History of Eternal Champions; Homebrew Demoneyicon, Donkey Kong Junior, Montezuma's Revenge, ABBUC 2014; Homebrew X-Force, Willy The Wasp 2, The Holy Emperor, Mad Crash Racing ; Lost In Translation Puyo Puyo, Commando, Kato-Chan & Ken-Chan; Making of Highway Encounter, Pit Fighter; Minority Report Commodore Plus/4: Bridgehead: Legionnaire 2, Ace, Mercenary; Readers Revival Drain Mania; Retro Revival Penguin Land, Shanghai Warriors; Talking Shop Video Game Market 2; Ultimate Guide #23 Combat School;
Elite 30 Years 136 4 Dec 14 A Moment Mike Diskett; Back To November 1997; Classic Moments Cauldron, Contra: Hard Corps; EndGame Metal Gear Solid; Feature Elite: 30 Years of Being Elite, The Greatest Gifts Ever!; Feature Top 25 Master System Games; Feature My Gaming Memories: Archer Maclean, One Vision: A Microvision Retrospective; From The Archives Nutting Industries; Homebrew Ball 'N' Flag, Super Cell Dungeon, Zombi Terror, Cousin Horace, Thro' The Wall; Homebrew Sector: Invasion, Red Hot Overdrive, Radioactive Happens; Import Only Cool Cool Toon; Lost In Translation Super Mario Bros 2, Um Jammer Lammy, Probotector; Lost In Translation Kid Dracula, Streets of Rage 3; Making of Ranarama, Blood, Mad Planets; Minority Report Amiga 1200: Super Stardust, One Escapee, Banshee; Readers Revival Zombi; Retro Revival Deflektor, Alien Breed: Special Edition 92, Ape Escape; Retro Inspired Volgarr The Viking; Talking Shop Magix Buttons; Ultimate Guide #22 Puzzle Bobble;
Pokemon 135 6 Nov 14 A Moment Ned Langman; Back To October 1997; Classic Moments Rocket Knight Adventures, Wild Guns; EndGame Cybernator; Feature The Evolution of Pokemon, 25 Years of the NEC Turbografx-16, Defender: A Legacy; Feature The King Of Fighters: 20th Anniversary, 30 Years of Duck Hunt; From The Archives Adventure Soft UK; Future Classic #47 Half-Life 2; In The Chair Tommy Tallarico; Homebrew Retro Racer, Dimo's Quest, Return to the Golden Age, X=Y=Z; Homebrew Boxx, Archeomania, Roguelight, Invenies Verba; Making of Exolon, Food Fight, Halo: Combat Evolved; Minority Report VTech CreatiVision: Locomotive, Police Jump, Crazy Chicky; Readers Revival Monkey Puncher; Retro Revival Geordie Racer, Leaderboard; Talking Shop From Bedrooms To Billions;
Sega Saturn 134 9 Oct 14 A Moment Pete Daniels; Back To September 1997; Classic Moments Desert Strike; Desert Island Disks Andrew Hutchings; EndGame F-Zero: GP Lagend; Feature Sega Saturn: 20th Anniversary, The Scariest Moments of All Time, Gaming Obsessions; From The Archives Origin Systems; Future Classic #46 Oni; History of Batman Videogames, Soft Aid; Homebrew Lawless Legends, Jam It, Oricium, Temple of Terror, Ummo, Death Race, Zombi Terror; Making of Wasteland, Medal of Honor; Minority Report Commodore 128: The Rocky Horror Show, Kikstart, Beyond Zork ; Readers Revival Popils: The Blockbusting Challenge; Retro Revival Alien Crush, WarioWare Inc: Mega Microgames!; Retro Inspired Retro City Rampage; Talking Shop Games World Bodmin; Unconverted Gaiapolis, Borench, Extreme Downhill, Bloodstorm
Punch-Out!! 133 11 Sep 14 A Moment Nick Burcombe; Back To August 1997; Bluffers Guide Turn-Based Strategy Games; Classic Moments Road Rash, Saboteur; EndGame Power Stone; Feature Fred Harris: Micro Man, Top 25 Amiga 500 Games, Sega 32X: 20th Anniversary; From The Archives Martech Games; Future Classic #45 Dark Souls; History of Punch-Out!!; In The Chair Simon Nicol; Homebrew Donkey Downfall, The Gears Don't Grind, MSXDEV 2014, Junkbots; Homebrew Alter Ego, Power Rangers: Beats of Power, Kyd Cadet 3; Making of Finders Keepers, Hard Drivin', Streets of Rage; Minority Report Neo-Geo CD Special: Ironclad, Crossed Swords 2, Top Hunter: Roddy & Cathy; Readers Revival Conan: Hall of Volta; Retro Revival Gryzor, The Lucky Dime Caper Starring Donald Duck; Talking Shop Retro Towers; Ultimate Guide #21 Bad Dudes Vs DragonNinja;
Atari 7800 132 14 Aug 14 A Moment Colin Jones; Back To January 1980, July 1997; Bluffers Guide First-Person Shooters; Classic Moments Sid Meier's Pirates!; EndGame Wall Street Kid; Feature Atari 7800 ProSystem - 30th Anniversary, Top 25 Atari 8-Bit Games; From The Archives Oddworld Inhabitants: An Oddworld Inhabitants Retrospective ; Future Classic #44 Resident Evil 4; History of Banjo-Kazooie; In The Chair Graeme Devine; Homebrew Atlantean, Assembloids, The Monk, Tiger Jenny, Xain'D Sleena, Horace Miner 2; Homebrew Sky Rogue, Marco Gregorio's Adventures to Unusual Places; Making of Zynaps, Feud, Sanitarium; Minority Report TRS-80 Special: A Mazing World of Malcom Mortar, Crystal City, 13 Ghosts; Readers Revival Final Fight One; Retro Revival Dragon's Lair, Wonder Boy In Monster Land; Retro Inspired Rogue Legacy; Talking Shop Play Expo 2014; Ultimate Guide #20 Shinobi; Unconverted Tinkle Pit, Arbalester, Rim Rockin' Basketball, Mirai Ninja;
Rampage 131 17 Jul 14 A Moment Bill Harbison; Back To February 1980, June 1997; Bluffers Guide Interactive Movies (FMV); Classic Moments Super Turrican; EndGame The King of Fighters '95; Feature The Marathon Men; From The Archives Gang of Five; Future Classic #43 Bioshock; History of Rampage, Elder Scrolls 20 Years; In The Chair Mev Dinc; Homebrew FTL: Faster Than Light, Thetris, Commando Arcade, L'Abbaye Des Mortes; Homebrew Galaxy Frontier, Thorn, Pixeroids, Barbarian; Making of Tau Ceti, Monster Max, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater; Minority Report Amstrad PCW Special: Silicon Dreams, Head Over Heels, The Last Mission; Readers Revival Advanced Pinball Simulator; Retro Revival Mario Is Missing, WWF SmackDown! 2; Retro Inspired OlliOlli; Talking Shop Revival 2014; Ultimate Guide #19 RoadBlasters; Unconverted Dragoon Might;
Crazy Taxi 130 19 Jun 14 A Moment Geoff Brown; Back To September 1980, May 1997; Bluffers Guide Football Games; Classic Moments Wizball; Desert Island Disks Karl Hörnell; EndGame Shinobo II: The Silent Fury; Feature 30 Years of Amstrad CPC: Sugar's Marvellous Machines, Top 25 N64 Games; From The Archives Telegames: Oceans Apart: A Telegames Retrospective; Future Classic #42 Okami; History of Crazy Taxi; Homebrew 2048, The World's Largest Game, Cosmos, Love Story, Bertie The Ball, Floodit; Making of Theme Hospital, Super Cars; Minority Report Commodore Vic-20 Special: Jelly Monstors, Sword of Fargoal, Bandits; Readers Revival BMX Racers; Retro Revival Video Poker, Putt & Putter; Talking Shop Four Quarters Arcade Bar (Retro Game Base); Ultimate Guide #18 Yie Ar Kung-Fu; Unconverted Motor Raid;
Maze Games 129 22 May 14 A Moment Ian Malcolm; Back To August 1980, April 1997; Bluffers Guide Maze Games; Classic Moments Robocop, Shinobi III: Revenge of the Ninja Master; EndGame Jungle Strike; Feature Lynx Awakening: An Atari Lynx Retrospective 25th, The Hardest Games of All Time; From The Archives The War Lords: MC Lothlorian; History of Driver, 25 Years of Atari Lynx; Homebrew Pulse, Impossible Game, 2048, Hires Pacman, Flappy Bird.; In The Chair RJ Mical; Making of Heartland, Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters; Minority Report Japanese Warriors Special: Kaze Kiri, Kenseiden, Edge; Readers Revival Blitz; Retro Revival Game Over Screens, Panzer Dragoon Mini; Ultimate Guide #17 Midnight Resistance; Unconverted Mach Breakers, Hot Shocker, Winding Heat, Lord of Gun;
Golden Axe 128 24 Apr 14 A Moment Roland Perry; Back To December 1980, March 1997; Bluffers Guide Scrolling Beat'em-ups; Classic Moments Twinkle Star Sprites; Desert Island Disks Karl Hilton; EndGame Twisted Metal World Tour; Feature Boy Wonder: A Game Boy Retrospective 25 Years, The Rise and Fall of Cheats; Feature Tekken 20 Years, Top 25 Sega Saturn Games; From The Archives Lore Design; Future Classic #41 The Last of Us; Homebrew Rocky Memphis and the Temple of Ophuxoff, Atari Blast, Dimo's Quest; Homebrew Flappy Bird, Boulder Dan, Road Hunter, Retro Fever, Captain Drexx; Import Only Live A Live; Making of Golden Axe, Zarch; Readers Revival Croc: Legend of the Gobbos; Retro Revival Rock 'N Roll Racing, Bobby Bearing; Unconverted Martial Masters, Knights of Valour, Grand Tour;
When Arcades Ruled the World 127 27 Mar 14 A Moment Bobby King; Back To November 1980, February 1997; Classic Moments Time Crisis; EndGame Deep Duck Trouble Starring Donald Duck; Feature When Arcades Ruled the World, Top 25 PlayStation Games; Feature Television With Intelligence: An Intellivision Retrospective (35 Years); From The Archives Design Design: A Crystal Design; Homebrew Land of Mire Mare, La Guerra De Gamber, Pooyan, Perplexity; Import Only Jang Pung 3; In The Chair Ronald Wayne; Making of Jack the Nipper, Fairlight I & II, Commander Keen; Minority Report ColecoVision Special: Nova Blast, Mr Do's Castle, Monkey Academy; Readers Revival F-Zero GX; Retro Revival Chuckie Egg; Ultimate Guide #16 Pac-Land; Unconverted Zero Gunner, Gigandes, Fixeight, Zaviga;
Knight Lore 30 Years 126 6 Mar 14 A Moment Jason Fitzpatrick; Back To October 1980, January 1997; Bluffers Guide Real-Time Strategy; Classic Moments Sega Rally Championship; EndGame Resident Evil Gaiden; Feature Knight Lore: A 30 Year Legacy, Swan Song: A WonderSwan Retrospective; Feature Top 25 Game Boy Games, The Amstrad CPC Games That Time Forgot; From The Archives Thalion Software: The Scene Kings; Future Classic #40 Valkyria Chronicles; Homebrew RGCD 16K Cartridge Competition, Doom, CGE Adventures, Mountain Panic; Import Only Kirby’s Dream Land 3; In The Chair Pete Cooke; Making of Ballblazer, Knights in the Sky; Minority Report Sharp X68000 Special: Genocide, Etoile Princesse, Geograph Seal; Readers Revival Grid Trap; Retro Revival Killer Gorilla, Pokemon Stadium; Story of Strider; Unconverted Big Fight: Big Trouble in the Atlantic, Knuckle Bash, China Gate, Tecmo Knight;
Paperboy 30 Years 125 6 Feb 14 A Moment Charles Cecil; Back To March 1980, December 1996; Classic Moments Tekken; EndGame Galaga '88; Feature Resurrecting Putty Squad, The Translation Kings; Feature Movie Licence Awards, Atari 8-bit: 35 Years Young; Future Classic #39 Xenoblade Chronicles; History of ToeJam & Earl; Homebrew Fuze, SGT Helmet Zero, Uncontrolled, Lamb Chops; In The Chair Howell Ivy; Making of Paradroid, Sinistar, Battletoads; Minority Report Acorn Archimedes Special: Star Fighter 3000, E-Type, Apocalypse; Readers Revival Rygar; Retro Revival The Story of Thor, Einhander, Advance Wars; Ultimate Guide #15 Paperboy;
Speed Kings: Arcade Racers 124 9 Jan 14 A Moment Roy Fielding; Back To July 1980, November 1996; Bluffers Guide Arcade Racers; Classic Moments Lylat Wars / Star Fox 64; EndGame Streets of Rage 3; Feature How Activision Rewrote Videogame History, Atari XEGS Retrospective; From The Archives Wonder Boys: A Westone Retrospective; History of Boulder Dash; Homebrew Bomberland, Sacred Line: Genesis, Coconut Cake Caper, Battle of Hoth; In The Chair Jim Bagley; Making of Metropolis Street Racer, Altered Beast, Mined-Out, UFO: Enemy Unknown; Minority Report Chinese RPGS: Xin Xian Jian; Readers Revival Phantasy Star IV: The End of the Millennium; Retro Revival R-Type; Ultimate Guide #14 Bomb Jack; Unconverted Surprise Attack, Panodora's Palace, City Bomber, Hot Chase;
Salamander 123 5 Dec 13 A Moment Miles Jacobson; Back To June 1980, October 1996; Classic Moments Sega Marine Fishing; EndGame Darkman; Feature Top Chumps - Gaming's Greatest Underdogs, 21 Budget Games; Future Classic #38 Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater; History of Killer Instinct, Cinemaware; Homebrew ABBUC Software Competition 2013, Submarine Rescue, Cadaverion, Valley of Treasures; In The Chair Garry Kitchen; Making of Comix Zone, Stonkers, Tempest 2000; Minority Report Atari ST Special: Lethal Xcess: Wings of Death II, Starray, Obsession; Readers Revival Deluxe Galaga; Retro Revival Vigilante, Haunted House; Story of Alex Kid - Gaming's Greatest Underdog; Ultimate Guide #13 Salamander; Unconverted Willow, Armored Warriors, Nemo, Slipstream;
3DO: Ahead of its Time 122 8 Nov 13 A Moment Graeme Devine; Back To May 1980, September 1996; Classic Moments Mercs, Ecco the Dolphin; Desert Island Disks Phil Tossell; EndGame Rolling Thunder 2; Feature Ahead of its Time - A 3DO Retrospective (20 years); Feature Miner Willy's Retirement Home (30 Years), C64 Games That Time Forgot,; From The Archives Software Creations - Bubbles, Baseball and Buzz Saws; History of Impossible Mission; Homebrew Guns 'N' Ghosts, Pitfall!, Brik, Mission: Moon; Making of Grand Theft Auto III, Creating Chaos - The Chaos Engine, Movie; Minority Report Apple II Special: Willy Byte in the Digital Dimension, Alien Mind, Power Bots; Readers Revival Oscar; Retro Revival Beetle Adventure Racing; Ultimate Guide #12 Forgotten Worlds;
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker 121 10 Oct 13 A Moment Smooth McGroove; Back To April 1980, August 1996; Bluffers Guide RPGs; Classic Moments Command & Conquer: Red Alert; EndGame Beneath A Steel Sky; Feature Compilation Kings, Fairchild Channel F Retrospective; From The Archives English Software; History of Rambo Video Games; Homebrew Alien 8, Classic Game Designer, Lab Escape, Titanium; Import Only Tobal 2; In The Chair Nigel Alderton; Making of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, Bombuzal, Gribbley's Day Out; Minority Report Atari 7800 Special: Ninja Golf, Desert Falcon, Alien Brigade; Readers Revival Legend of Illusion: Starring Mickey Mouse; Retro Revival SNK Gals Fighter, Bishi Bashi Special; Ultimate Guide #11 Strider; Unconverted Vapor Trx, Cloak & Dagger, Batman, Sky Raider;
Shadowrun 120 26 Sep 13 A Moment Burke Trieschmann; Back To January 1981, July 1996; Classic Moments Star Wars, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past; EndGame Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars; Feature Your Videogame Icons, The Evolution of Beat'em-ups; From The Archives Access Software; Future Classic #37 Red Dead Redemption; History of Oddworld; Homebrew Amstrad CPC 16K Rom Competition, Malaika, The Speccies, Batz; Import Only Kaeru No Tame Ni Kane Wa Naru; In The Chair Colin Porch; Making of Shadowrun, Myth: History in the Making, The Sims ; Minority Report Famicom Disk System Special: Otocky, Nazo No Murasame Jo, Falsion; Readers Revival Chuck Norris Superkicks; Retro Revival The Apprentice, The Young Ones, Rage Racer; Story of Earthworm Jim; Unconverted Spatter, Pig Newton, UFO Senshi Yohko Chan, Desert Breaker;
Q*bert 119 15 Aug 13 A Moment Teddy Lee; Back To May 1981, June 1996; Bluffers Guide Brain Strain: Puzzle Games; Classic Moments Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse; EndGame Prince of Persia; Feature Top 25 SNES Games, Atari Jaguar 20 Years On; From The Archives Zeppelin Games; Future Classic #36 Pikmin 2; History of Cannon Fodder; Homebrew Covertape #2, Russian Blob, Shmup!, Lunar Rescue; In The Chair Sandy White; Making of Super Castlevania IV, Deactivators, Counter Strike; Minority Report The Apprentice; Power Up Spectrum 128K; Readers Revival Richard Scarry's Busytown; Retro Revival Rainbow Walker, PaRappa The Rapper; Story of Q*bert;
Flashback to the Future 118 18 Jul 13 A Moment Jordan Mechner; Back To April 1981, May 1996; Bluffers Guide Shoot to Thrill! - Lightgun Games; Classic Moments Populous; Desert Island Disks Paul Norman; EndGame Jurassic Park; Feature Flashback to the Future, 30 Years of NES: A Celebration, Top 25 Mega Drive Games; From The Archives Mastertronic; Future Classic #35 Bayonneta; History of Dino Crisis; Homebrew Arcade Game Designer 4.0, Sir Abadol, Oh Mummy, Stairrunner; Making of Chequered Flag, Flight of the Amazon Queen, Defender of the Crown; Minority Report Atari Jaguar Missile Command, Protector: Special Edition, I-War; Readers Revival F17 Challenge; Retro Revival Sagaia, Tomb Raider; Unconverted Gunforce 2, 005, Prop Cycle, Mr Goemon;
Forgotten Masterpiece: Sega Master System 117 20 Jun 13 A Moment Gary Winnick; Back To February 1981, April 1996; Classic Moments ToeJam & Earl; Collectors Guide Sega Master System; EndGame Tiger Road; Feature Capcom: 30 years 30 games, Space Invaders 35th: Invasion of the Coin Snatcher; Feature Myst Memories; From The Archives Naughty Dog; Future Classic #34 Kuru Kuru Kururin; Homebrew The Incredible Adventures of Moebius Goatlizard, Thunderturds, Funky Fungus, Ladybug; In The Chair Tom Kalinske; Making of Styx, Lost Vikings, Thief: The Dark Project; Minority Report Guardian; Readers Revival Nexus; Retro Revival Rolling Thunder, The Evil Dead; Story of Breakout;
LucasArts: A Celebration 116 23 May 13 A Moment Peter McConnell; Back To September 1981, March 1996; Classic Moments IK+; Complete Guide Doctor Who; EndGame Sonic CD; Feature Inside The BBC Micro; From The Archives Taskset; Future Classic #33 Grand Theft Auto: Vice City; History of Star Fox; Homebrew Gem Chaser, Heartbreak, Tetwels, Invasion of the Zombie Monsters; In The Chair Martin Edmondson; Making of NBA Jam, Crusader: No Remorse; Minority Report Atari 8-Bit Special: Henry's House, Crumble's Crisis, Nightmares; Readers Revival Flashback; Retro Revival Nibbler, Stop the Express; Story of Microsoft: Bill's Gateway to Games; Unconverted Aqua jack, SWAT Police, Atomic Boy, Parallel Turn;
Will Right SimCity 115 25 Apr 13 A Moment Stuart Ross; Back To August 1981, February 1996; Classic Moments F-Zero; EndGame The Super Spy; Feature 10 Launch Disasters, 30 Essential Shoot'em-ups; From The Archives Interceptor Software; Future Classic #32 Ico; History of Seventies Home Computers, Chase H.Q.; Homebrew Knights and Demons, Bomb On Pixel City, The Inheritance, Asteroids Emulator; In The Chair Chris Huelsbeck; Legacy of SimCity; Making of Indiana Jones Triple Bill, Adventure; Minority Report Mega CD Special: Heart of the Alien, Jurassic Park, Panic!; Readers Revival Dragon Crystal; Retro Revival Marvel Land, Klax; Ultimate Guide #10 The New Zealand Story;
30 Years of Dragons Lair 114 28 Mar 13 A Moment Doug TenNapel; Back To July 1981, January 1996; Cheap As Chips Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles; EndGame Shaq-Fu; Feature 30 Years of Dragon's Lair, Remembering Deathchase, 20 Killer PC Games ; Feature Evolution of Platformers, PlayStation 2: A Celebration 2000-2013; From The Archives Bizarre Creations; Future Classic #31 No More Heroes; Homebrew You Have To Win The Game, Structris, Oils Well, El Hobbit (Vah-Ka's Cut); Import Only AAH! Harimanada; In The Chair Mark Turmell; Making of Wriggler, Bubsy in Clawed Encounters of the Furred Kind; Readers Revival Metal Marine; Retro Revival ATV Simulator, Kirbys Dream Course, Wave Race 64; Ultimate Guide #9 Punch-Out!; Unconverted Devil World, Megadon, Galactic Warriors, Kabuki-Z;
Amiga 500 113 28 Feb 13 A Moment Scott Adams; Back To June 1981, December 1995; Classic Game Pang; Cheap As Chips Kokotoni Wilf; Collectors Guide Amiga 500; EndGame Tekken 2; Feature The Mysterious Crash, Greatest Videogame Bosses, Conversion Kings; Feature Shadowfire: Out of the Shadows, Into the Fire; Future Classic #30 Rogue Galaxy; History of Micro Machines; Homebrew Wonderland, Deadline, Impact!, Teodoro No Sabe Volar; In The Chair Steve Kelly; Making of Planescape: Torment; Minority Report Commodore 16 Special: Tube Runner, Auto Zone, Timeslip; Readers Revival Chuckie Egg 2; Retro Revival Theme Hospital, Moon Patrol;
30 Greatest Ever Power-Ups 112 31 Jan 13 A Moment Kurt Kalata; Back To March 1981, November 1995; Collectors Guide Sega Mega Drive; EndGame Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle; Feature 30 Greatest Ever Power-Ups, The King of Chaos; From The Archives Special FX; Future Classic #29 Dead Space; Gaming Legends Sid Meier; History of Civilization; Homebrew Lumascii, Christmas Carol Vs The Ghost of Christmas Presents, Mary Poppins, Avalanche; In The Chair Jordan Mechner; Making of Rex, Star Castle; Readers Revival Don Doko Don; Retro Revival Rocket Knight Adventures, Eye of the Beholder II: The Legend of Darkmoon; Retro Shamer Back to the Future Part II; Unconverted Mysterious Stones - Dr. John's Adventure, Thunder Ceptor, Radical Radial, Ken-Go;
Lode Runner 30th 111 3 Jan 13 A Moment Brian Baglow; Back To October 1981, October 1995; Cheap As Chips Stoneheep; Desert Island Disks Shahid Ahmad; EndGame Total Recall; Feature The Evolution of the PC Engine, 20 Sega Games You've Never Played, Back To Basic; From The Archives Imagitech Design; Future Classic #28 Portal; Gaming Legends David Perry; Homebrew Hardsync 1st Mix, Down, Asteroids Emulator, Totems; Making of Lode Runner, Carrier Command, Rampart, Warcraft: Orcs & Humans; Minority Report Magical Puzzle Popils; Readers Revival Crush, Crumble & Chomp!; Retro Revival Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, Agony, Rally Speedway; Unconverted Trick Trap 1771, Dr. Micro, Ultra X Weapon, Dark Tower;
Nintendo Legends 110 6 Dec 12 A Moment Kevin Toms; Back To August 1985, September 1995; Cheap As Chips World of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck; EndGame Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island; Feature The Lord of Midnight - Mike Singleton, Nintendo Legends, The Music Men ; Feature Revisiting Bullfrog: 25 Years On, SCUMM Origins, 25 Games To Get You In The Festive Spirit; Future Classic #27 Viewtiful Joe; Homebrew Ridiculous Reality, Knightmare ZX, Streemerz, Crimbo; In The Chair Jeff Minter; Making of Sensible World of Soccer, Baldur's Gate, Uplink; Readers Revival Bumpy; Retro Revival Slalom, Grand Prix, Frank N Stein;
The Ultimate Years 109 8 Nov 12 A Moment Artmagic; Back To May 1982, August 1995; Classic Game Sonic The Hedgehog 3; Cheap As Chips Barbarian: The Ultimate Warrior; EndGame Operation Stealth; Feature The Ultimate Years, After Tetris, SNES Mode 7 Heaven, Half-Life Special; From The Archives Cascade Games; Future Classic #26 Mirrors Edge; Gaming Legends Jack Tramiel; History of Bullet Heaven: Contra, 20 Years of Kirby; Homebrew SQRXZ, Penguino, Mole Rat, Tiny Lynx Adventure; In The Chair Eugene Evans; Making of Point Blank, Hat Trick; Minority Report Arena: Maze of Death; Readers Revival Sweet Home; Retro Revival Sly Spy; Unconverted Hook, Funky Jet, Phantom II, D-CON;
Psygnosis: End of An Era 108 11 Oct 12 A Moment Florent Gorges; Back To April 1982, July 1995; Classic Game Wonder Boy III; Cheap As Chips Jack the Nipper; EndGame World Heroes 2: J Max's Ending; Feature Legacy of Psygnosis, Before Videogames, Tales from the Retro Crypt; Feature It's Alive! The Konix Multi-System Is Back, A Journey into the Heart of Doom; From The Archives Digital Integration; Gaming Legends Shigeru Miyamoto; History of Final Fantasy; Homebrew Mage: The Enchanted Crystals, Imaginario Colectivo, Mazezam Challenge; Homebrew Vade Retro, Atic Atac; Import Only Umihara Kawase; Making of Renegade, Wacky Waiters; Readers Revival Alien; Retro Revival Pilotwings;
30 Years of Robotron 107 13 Sep 12 A Moment Derek Yu; Back To March 1982, June 1995; Cheap As Chips Street Racer; EndGame Super Soccer; Feature 30 Years of Robotron, Core Gaming: 35 Years of Apple II; Feature 25 Years/Evolution of Street Fighter, iOS Gems; From The Archives Alternative Software; Future Classic #25 Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3; History of Pitfall! 30th; Homebrew Sabre Wulf, Snail Maze, Phantomas En El Museo, Surfshooter, Soulless; In The Chair Dennis Koble; Making of Major Havoc, Battle Squadron, Kane I+II; Minority Report Little Samson; Readers Revival 3D Stock Car Championship; Retro Revival Starstrike II, Mighty Bomb Jack; Unconverted Mystic Warriors, Cosmic Cop, Zippy Bug, Yamoto ;
Electronic Dreams 106 16 Aug 12 A Moment Keith Hamilton; Back To February 1982, May 1995; Classic Game Diddy Kong Racing; EndGame Alien Storm; Feature Electronic Dreams: The Rise of the Portable Arcade; Feature 20 Nintendo Games You've Never Played, Inside The Classic Game Room; Feature The Amiga Underground, 30 Years of the Commodore 64; Future Classic #24 Onimusha 2: Samurai's Destiny; Homebrew Soulless, Bouncing Bomb: Redux, Mowleco, Line Runner, Lost Disks of Sam; Import Only Twinkle Tale; In The Chair Julian Rignall; Making of Uridium, Liberation; Minority Report PC Engine Special: Gain Ground SX, Volfied, Cratermaze; Readers Revival Gradius III; Retro Revival Blue Print, Laser Squad, Time Pilot; Retro Shamer WWF Wrestlemania; Unconverted Riding Fight, Marine Date, Final Star Force, Under Fire ;
Origin Of Electronic Arts 30th 105 19 Jul 12 A Moment Jim Bagley; Back To January 1982, April 1995; Cheap As Chips The Lion King; Desert Island Disks Greatest Hits; EndGame Monster Party; Feature Origin Of Electronic Arts, On The Trail Of Mire Mare, Atari ST: The Neverending Story; Feature The Dungeon Masters, If it ain't broke… clone it! Xbox Live Indie Games; From The Archives Image Work; Future Classic #23 Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy; History of Controversy "Controversial Games"; Homebrew Lost Disks of Sam, Fairy Well, Majikazo, Atlas, The Remaking of Downfall; Instant Expert #3 Electronic Arts; Making of Carmageddon, Tempest, The Daley Thompson Series; Minority Report Sword of Destiny; Readers Revival Crusoe; Retro Revival Super Soccer, Dynamite Duke; Unconverted Major Havoc, Riot, The Lost Castle in Darkmist, Mad Crasher ;
40 Years of Pong 104 21 Jun 12 A Moment Rod Lawton; Back To December 1981, March 1995; Cheap As Chips Dungeon Keeper; Classic Game Contact Sam Cruise, Lords of Chaos; Collectors Guide Vectrex; EndGame Zombie Ate My Neighbors; Feature Kick Off: A Football Legacy, Back To Skool Daze, GameCube Gems, Working Class Heroes; From The Archives Electric Dreams; Homebrew XNX, Darc, Downfall, Nu Pagadi!, Making of More Tea Vicar?; In The Chair Nick Jones; Making of Tekken, iBall; Readers Revival Caesar The Cat; Retro Revival Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure, Flying Shark; Story of Pong;
Inside the Atari 2600 103 24 May 12 A Moment Lennie Moore; Back To November 1981, February 1995; Bluffers Guide Flight Simulators; Classic Game Thunder Force III; Desert Island Disks Andy O'Neil; EndGame Chase HQ: Special Criminal Investigation; Feature Inside the Atari 2600, 40 Reasons Why Atari Changed Gaming, Self-Preservation Society; Future Classic #22 Metroid Prime; Homebrew Hell Racer, UWOL: Quest For Money, Woolly Jumper, Vamperi, The Making of BB4CPC; Import Only Majyuuou; Instant Expert #2 Loop Drop Games; Making of Double Dragon, Citadel, Hogs Of War; Readers Revival Akira; Retro Revival Alien Syndrome, Cobra; Retro Shamer The Flintstones; Signature Series Diablo;
Star Wars X-Wing Saga 102 26 Apr 12 A Moment Lloyd Mangram; Back To July 1982, January 1995; Cheap As Chips Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts; Classic Game Kid Icarus; EndGame Darkman; Feature 30 Years of the ZX Spectrum, Virtual Boy: More Than Meets The Eye; From The Archives Salamander Software; Future Classic #21 The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay; History of Wipeout; Homebrew More Tea Vicar?, Mr Beanbag, Driar, Mecha 8; In The Chair Ian Livingstone; Instant Expert #1 Fighting Fantasy; Making of Cybernoid, The X-Wing Saga, Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars; Minority Report Metal Warriors; Readers Revival Transylvania; Retro Revival Twin Kingdom Valley, Lemmings 2: The Tribes, Out To Lunch;
Ocean Behind the Scenes 101 29 Mar 12 A Moment Andy Wear; Back To June 1982, December 1984; Cheap As Chips Gynoug; Classic Game Zaxxon; Collectors Guide NES: Nintendo Entertainment System; EndGame The New Zealand Story; Feature BBC Micro: Re-Educating the Masses, 25 Years of Metal Gear, A Life on the Ocean Wave; From The Archives Beau Jolly; Future Classic #20 Jet Set Radio Future; Homebrew R-Type, Jars' Revenge, Endless Forms Most Beautiful, Cometfall, Diary of RG Rampage; Making of Lucky & Wild, The Hobbit; Readers Revival Dragon's Lair, Oids; Retro Revival Catcha Snatcha; Unconverted Dyna Gear, Exicting Soccer, Nova 2001, Oni - The Ninja Master;
100 100 1 Mar 12 A Moment Mark Jones; Back To January 1983, November 1994; Classic Game Elite; EndGame Bubble Bobble; Feature Happy 100th Issue, Inside The ZX Spectrum, Eastern Blocks: Game Boy Tetris; Feature The Music Man: Rob Hubbard Interview, Bar's Odyssey: Ralph Baer & Magnavox Odyssey ; Feature 100 Classic Gaming Moments, David Crane's Tricks of the Trade; Feature Crash & Burn: US Videogame Crash 1982 - 1984; Free Reprint of Retro Gamer Magazine Issue 1 ; Homebrew RG Rampage C64 Type-in, Bubble Bobble For CPC, Jumping, Seaweed Assault, Shoot; In The Chair Andrew Braybrook; Making of Sonic The Hedgehog, Grand Theft Auto; Readers Revival Developer Special Robotron:2084 Eugene Jarvis, Dangerous Dave John Romero;
3D Monster Maze 99 2 Feb 12 A Moment Jonathan Temples; Back To December 1982, October 1994; Classic Game Bruce Lee, Golden Axe; EndGame Street Fighter II: The World Warrior - Blanka; Feature Top 25 Amstrad Games, Playground Battles Commodore Versus ZX Spectrum; From The Archives Platinum Productions; Future Classic #19 Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance; History of Soul Calibur; Homebrew Shoot'em Up Destruction Set 2, Fickle, Coracle, Canabalt, Prince of Persia; In The Chair Eric Chahi; Making of 3D Monster Maze, Monty Pythons Flying Circus, Thing On A Spring; Minority Report Gekisha Boy; Readers Revival Planetiod; Retro Revival Zynaps, Robocop Versus The Terminator; Signature Series Mega Man; Unconverted Rail Chase, Tank Force, Rock N Rage, Superior Soldiers;
The Making of Metal Slug 98 5 Jan 12
Festive Special 97 8 Dec 11 A Moment Rawson Stovall; Back To October 1982, August 1994; Classic Game Strykers Run; EndGame Gremlins 2: The New Batch; Feature Covertape Wars, Gary Bracey, The Lynx Effect; From The Archives CRL Group; Future Classic #17 Dark Chronicle; History of Frogger, Dragon Quest; Homebrew Prince of Persia, Buzzsaw+ Foxton Locks Mix, Pepper 2, Space Disposal, Armalyte; Making of Batty, Super Star Wars Trilogy, Aztec Challenge, Zzap!64, The Sacred Armour of Antiriad; Minority Report Ironclad; Readers Revival Moley Christmas; Retro Revival Basildon Bond, Power Strike; Retro Shamer Time Killers
Final Fantasy VII 96 10 Nov 11 A Moment Eric Chahi; Back To September 1982, July 1994; Cheap As Chips Dino Crisis; Classic Game Toobin; Desert Island Disks David Leitch; EndGame Prince of Persia; Feature Top 25 Commodore 64 Games; From The Archives Domark; Future Classic #16 Panzer Dragoon Orta; History of Jetman; Homebrew Frank N Stein Re-Booted, Changs Adventure, Manhole, Patrol In Space, Dingo; Making of Final Fantasy VII, Radiant Silvergun, Kid Chameleon, The Revenge of Shinobi; Obscura Machina #9 Sharp X68000; Readers Revival Firelord; Retro Revival Mr TNT, Zombie Nation; Story of Monty Mole; Unconverted Osman, Kaiser Knuckle, R-Shark, The Battle Road
Bubble Bobble 95 13 Oct 11 A Moment Ken Levine; Back To August 1982, June 1994; Cheap As Chips Dune II: The Battle For Arrakis; Classic Game Castlevania Bloodlines; Collectors Guide Sinclair ZX Spectrum; EndGame Zool; Feature Bubble Bobble 25th: Bubble Memories; From The Archives Krisalis; Future Classic #15 Fahrenheit; History of Resident Evil; Homebrew Hyperviper, Bell Hopper, Wunderchar$, Way of the Exploding Foot; In The Chair Gary Penn; Making of Alien Trilogy, FIFA International Soccer, Project Firestart; Readers Revival Battletoads, Bad Dudes Vs. Dragon Ninja; Retro Revival Ramparts; Unconverted The Ninja Kids, Spinal Breakers, Out Zone, Lady Master of Kung Fu
Maniac Mansion 94 15 Sep 11 A Moment Malcolm Evans; Back To December 1989, May 1994; Bluffers Guide Construction Software; Classic Game Trashman, Discworld; EndGame Toejam & Earl; Feature Chapter And Versus (Capcom Crossover Fighters), The Art of Amiga, The Best GBA Games; From The Archives Atari Corporation Part 2; Future Classic #14 Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga; Homebrew Space Harrier, Sheepoid, The Keep, Lode Runner; Making of Maniac Mansion, Slightly Magic, Jones in the Fast Lane; Minority Report Aldynes; Obscura Machina #8 Pippin; Readers Revival Mortal Kombat II; Retro Revival Batman: The Videogame, First Samurai, UGH!, Fortress; Retro Shamer Rex Ronan: Experimental Surgeon; Unconverted G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero, Nitro Ball, Professor Pac-Man, Riot City
Computer Space 93 18 Aug 11 A Moment Duncan Jones; Back To November 1989, April 1994; Cheap As Chips Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster Busts Loose!; Classic Game Parodius; Collectors Guide Super Nintendo; Coin-Op Capers #11 Rastan; EndGame The Lost Vikings; Feature Board of Videogames, 30 Years of Galaga; From The Archives Atari Corporation Part 1; Future Classic #13 Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner; Homebrew NES Virus Cleaner, Frantic Freddy, Octopus, Nanako In Classic Japanese Monster Castle; Making of Computer Space, Nodes of Yesod; Minority Report Kishin Douji Zenki FX: Vajura Fight; Readers Revival Cuthbert In The Jungle; Retro Revival Crusader: No Remorse, Werewolves of London; Signature Series Quake; Unconverted Shock Troopers, Tazz Mania, Power Drive, Mad Motor
Game Over for 8-Bit 92 21 Jul 11 A Moment Chuck Sommerville; Back To October 1989, March 1994; Bluffers Guide Vector Games; Cheap As Chips Dino Park Tycoon; Classic Game The GG Shinobi; Collectors Guide Amstrad CPC; EndGame Cruis'n World; Feature End of the 8-Bits; Future Classic #12 Gitaroo Man; History of Final Fight; Homebrew Jim Slim, Chopper Drop, Robots, Dino; In The Chair Steve Turner; Making of Grim Fandango, Chariot Race; Readers Revival Blinkys Scary School; Retro Revival The Firemen, Pac-Land; Signature Series Ninja Gaiden; Ultimate Guide #8 U.N. Squadron
20 Years of Sonic 91 23 Jun 11 A Moment Steve Wilcox; Back To September 1989, February 1994; Cheap As Chips Fairlight; Classic Game Solomons Key, Total Eclipse; EndGame Hammerin Harry; Feature Sonic Boom 20th, Spectrum Games That Time Forgot; From The Archives Treasure; Future Classic #11 P.N.03; Homebrew Cray-5, Mashed Turtles, Hora Bruja, Clone; Import Only Wonder Project J; In The Chair Michel Ancel; Making of Sonic Adventure, Bugaboo The Flea, North & South, The Untouchables; Minority Report Pieces; Obscura Machina #7 Panasonic M2; Readers Revival Hunchback; Retro Revival Zap't'Balls, Highway Encounter; Ultimate Guide #7 Smash T.V.; Unconverted The Outfoxies, Dog Fight, Enforce, Mad Crash
The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 90 26 May 11 A Moment Shaun Southern; Back To August 1989, January 1994; Bluffers Guide Mac Gaming; Collectors Guide Sega Saturn; Desert Island Disks Ian Grieve; EndGame Prime Time Fighter; Feature The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time: Links Reawakening; From The Archives Westwood Studios; Future Classic #10 The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures; Homebrew Hard Hat Harry, Hyper Viper, NES 15, Kolmik Deluxe Edition; Making of Knightmare, Crash Bandicoot, Rayman; Minority Report Gauntlet: The Third Encounter; Readers Revival Virtua Fighter; Retro Revival World Games, Earnest Evans; Retro Shamer The A-Team; Ultimate Guide #6 The Legend of Zelda; Unconverted Bucky O'Hare, Tropical Angel, Super Space Fortress Macross, Survival Arts
Commodore C64 89 28 Apr 11 A Moment Chris Sorrell; Back To July 1989, December 1993; Cheap As Chips Jill of the Jungle; Classic Game Contra III: The Alien Wars; Collectors Guide Commodore 64; EndGame Street Fighter Alpha 3; Feature Street Fighter II 20th, Ridge Racer: Drift King; From The Archives Brøderbund; Future Classic #9 Knights of the Old Republic; Homebrew Sub Hunter, Lady Kakerlak, Gimme Bright, The Wicked Father; In the Chair Raffaele Cecco; Making of Sprint 2, Pirate Adventure, Starquake, Resident Evil Gaiden; Mapped #03 Starquake; Minority Report Zorgons Revenge; Readers Revival Tom Thumb; Retro Revival Die Hard, How to be a Complete Bastard, Jetpack; Unconverted 64th Street: A Detective Story, 4-D Warriors, Pioneer Balloon, Horizon
Missile Command 88 31 Mar 11 A Moment Andreas Axelsson; Back To May 1989, November 1993; Cheap As Chips T.L.L. Tornado Low Level; Classic Game Star Wars: Dark Forces; Coin-Op Capers #10 Missile Command; Desert Island Disks John Newcomer; EndGame Laser Ghost; Feature Attack of the Clones, Cave Story; From The Archives Firebird Software; Future Classic #8 Devil May Cry 3 Dante's Awakening; History of Road Rash: Grazing Saddles; Homebrew Utter Tripe, Boulder Logic, Space Trip, UWOL 2; Making of PGA Tour Golf, Missile Command; Mapped #2 Exolon; Minority Report Nemesis '90 Kai; Obscura Machina #6 Fairchild Channel F; Readers Revival Landstalker - The Treasures of King Nole; Retro Revival Daredevil Dennis, Gods, Mickey Mouse; Unconverted Night Slashers, Hard Head, Red Alert, Violence Fight
The Collector's Guide To N64 87 3 Mar 11 A Moment Simon Butler; Back To April 1989, October 1993; Cheap As Chips Haunting Starring Polterguy; Collectors Guide Nintendo 64; EndGame Total Carnage; Feature Duke Nukem: Hail To The Duke, Shadow of the Beast: Beauty of the Beasts; From The Archives Incentive Software; Future Classic #7 Astro Boy: Omega Factor; Homebrew Repton: The Lost Realms, Stamp Quest, Nanako In Classic Japanese Monster Castle, UWOL: Quest For Money; In the Chair Al Lowe; Making of Revenge of the Mutant Camels, The Lotus Series, Jet Set Willy II; Obscura Machina #5 SNES Satellaview; Readers Revival Coca-Cola Kid; Retro Revival PC Genjin, Spider-Man: The Video Game; Unconverted Magical Crystals, Angel Kids, ZZYZZYXX, Black Heart
Isometric Evolution 86 3 Feb 11 A Moment Tim Skelly; Back To March 1989, September 1993; Bluffers Guide Isometric Games; Classic Game Civilization II; Coin-Op Capers #9 Turbo OutRun; EndGame Superfrog; Feature Changing Worlds; From The Archives Mikro-Gen; Future Classic #6 Luigi's Mansion; History of Streets of Rage: Taking Back The Streets; Homebrew Ghost Castle 2, Genesis: Dawn of a New Day, Impossible Mission, Blade Buster; Lets All Play Super Castlevania IV; Making of Zub, Druid, Starglider; Mapped #1 Ant Attack; Obscura Machina #4 Fujitsu FM Towns Marty; Readers Revival Go To Hell; Retro Revival Bugaboo The Flea, Jetpac, 3D Deathchase, Stix; Retro Shamer Wild Streets; Unconverted Battletoads, Dead Connection, Karate Blazers, Downtown
Secret of Mana 85 6 Jan 11 A Moment John Wilson; Back To February 1989, August 1993; Cheap As Chips Deflektor; Classic Game Fiendish Freddy's Big Top O' Fun; EndGame Ecco the Dolphin; Feature Secret of Mana: The Secrets of Mana; From The Archives Virgin Games Part 2; Future Classic #5 God Hand; History of Lemmings: March of the Lemmings; Homebrew Smurf Challenge, Ball to the Walls, D-pad Hero 2, Mission 2 Mir; Import Only Portopia Renzoku Satsujin Jiken; In the Chair Tim Wright; Making of Sonic Spinball, The Pit, Jr Pac-Man, Where Time Stood Still; Obscura Machina #3 Tatung Einstein; Readers Revival Tarzan: Lord of the Jungle; Retro Revival Total Recall, Super Chase HQ; Ultimate Guide #5 Flashback; Unconverted Rave Racer, Robocop 2, Thunder Cross, Guardians of the Hood
25 Years of Rare 84 9 Dec 10 A Moment Richard Leinfellner; Back To January 1989, July 1993; Cheap As Chips Seymour Goes to Hollywood; Classic Game Stunt Car Racer; Desert Island Disks Steve Woita; EndGame Chelnov: Atomic Runner; Feature Rare 25th: A Rare Glimpse, Greastest Adventure Games that weren't by LucasArts; From The Archives Virgin Games Part 1; Future Classic #4 Shadow of the Colossus; Homebrew Horace in the Mystic Woods, Minestorm, Space Pixy, Cheril of the Bosque; Making of Banshee, The Terminal Man, Betrayal At Krondor; Obscura Machina #2 Capcom Power System Changer; Readers Revival Castlevania Legends; Retro Revival Daze Before Christmas, The Untouchables, Coin-Op Hits; Unconverted Tecmo Knight, Racing Hero, Off The Wall, Scud Hammer; Why You Must Play Master of Orion
The Ape Escapes 83 11 Nov 10 A Moment Jim Bagley; Back To December 1988, June 1993; Cheap As Chips Heimdall; Coin-Op Capers #8 Donkey Kong; EndGame Last Battle; Feature Don't Copy That Floppy; From The Archives Radical Software; Future Classic #3 Drill Dozer; History of Donkey Kong Country: Going Ape, The Complete James Bond Games: Licence to Kill; Homebrew Orion Prime, QBIQS, Morph, Little 15; In the Chair Allan Alcorn; Making of Primal Rage, Harvest Moon; Obscura Machina #1 C64GS - The Games System; Readers Revival Ghost Manor; Retro Revival Black Lamp, Ultimate Play The Game: The Collected Works; Unconverted The Cliffhanger: Edward Randy, The Karate Tournament, Lasso, Terra Force
Mario 25th 82 14 Oct 10 A Moment Hal Barwood; Back To November 1988, May 1993; Boss Rush Darth Vader; Classic Game Impossible Mission; EndGame Super Mario Bros 2; Feature 2D Gaming: Here and Back Again; From The Archives Parker Brothers; Future Classic #2 Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem; History of Mario: Mr Video Game; Homebrew Stormlord, Magic Tokens, Halo 2600, UWOL: Quest For Money; In the Chair Sid Meier; Making of Leather Goddesses of Phobos, GORF, Pilotwings 64; Readers Revival The Dambusters; Retro Revival Super Mario 64, Bank Panic, We Are The Champions; Same Name Different Game #12 Bionic Commando; Ultimate Guide #4 Super Mario Bros 3; Unconverted Lucky & Wild, NY Captor, Fighter & Attacker, Night Stocker
Laser Squad 81 16 Sep 10 A Moment Lorne Lanning; Back To October 1988, April 1993; Cheap As Chips Zoop; Collectors Corner Every Pal Xbox Game; EndGame Gunstar Heroes; Feature Julian Gollop: Lord of Chaos; From The Archives Micromega; Future Classic #1 Metroid: Zero Mission; Homebrew Invasion of the Zombie Monsters, Sir Abadol, Pipe Panic, Night of the Ninja; Import Only Rendering Ranger: R2; Making of Ms Pac-Man, Wizards & Warriors, Destruction Derby, The Day Of The Tentacle; Readers Revival Myth: History In The Making; Retro Revival Disney's Aladdin, Quo Vadis, Soft Aid; Retroinspection Pokemon Mini; Same Name Different Game #10 Sonic The Hedgehog, #11 Sonic The Hedgehog 2; Ultimate Guide #3 The Revenge Of Shinobi; Unconverted R-Type Leo, Konami '88, Dingo, Haunted Castle
Axelay 80 19 Aug 10 A Moment Eric Schwartz; Back To September 1988, March 1993; Cheap As Chips Asterix; Classic Game Bill & Ted's Excellent Gameboy Adventure; Coin-Op Capers #7 Ikari Warriors; Desert Island Disks Larry DeMar; EndGame Tekken 2; From The Archives Dynamix; History of Excite Bike; Homebrew Trooper: Point 5, Virus, King of Pong, Neopong; Lets All Play Axelay; Making of Bad Influence; Readers Revival Civilization II; Retro Revival The Lords Of Midnight, Cylon Attack, Little Nemo: The Dream Master; Retro Shamer Back to the Future Part III; Retroinspection Atari 5200; Same Name Different Game #9 Batman Returns; Ultimate Guide #2 Axelay; Unconverted Domino Man, Gaia Crusaders, Kuri Kinton, Kamikaze Cabbie
Rainbow Islands 79 22 Jul 10 A Moment Alex Trowers; Back To August 1988, February 1993; Cheap As Chips Ecco the Dolphin; Classic Game Starfox 64; Definitive Centipede; EndGame Mega Man 2; From The Archives Superior Software; Homebrew Minion BBC Collection, Olticrun, Evil Magician's Return, Diagonal Ball 2; In the Chair David Crane; Lets All Play Rainbow Islands; Making of Lunar Lander, Micro Machines, Star Raiders, Kikstart Series; Readers Revival Dig Dug II; Retro Revival Monty no Doki Doki Daisassou, Elevator Action, They Sold A Million; Retro Shamer World Cup Carnival; Retroinspection Gamate; Same Name Different Game #8 Alien 3; Ultimate Guide #1 Rainbow Islands; Unconverted Diet Go Go, Sky Fox (AKA Exerizer), Pound For Pound, Sasuke vs Commander
Loving Lara 78 24 Jun 10 A Moment Steve Lycett; Back To July 1988, January 1993; Boss Rush Yorgle, Rhindle And Grundle (Adventure); Classic Game Monty On The Run; Collectors Corner Game Gear; EndGame Flashback; Feature Loving Lara Croft, Thunder Force: Feel The Thunder; From The Archives Magnetic Scrolls; Homebrew Adventures In Time, Spike, Heart Stealer, Diamondz; In the Chair Roland Perry; Making of Rock Star Ate My Hamster, Shenmue, Xybots; Readers Revival Zelda II: The Adventure Of Link; Retro Revival Bloody Wolf, Repton, Aquanaut; Retro Shamer Awesome Possum… Kicks Dr. Machino's Butt; Retroinspection Atari 7800; Unconverted Alien Vs Predator, JJ Squawkers, Killer Comet, Burning Rival
Prince of Persia 77 27 May 10 A Moment Ste Pickford; Back To June 1988, December 1992; Cheap As Chips Unirally; Coin-Op Capers #6 Super Hang-On; Collectors Corner Jaguar, Dreamcast and various; Desert Island Disks Neil Thompson; EndGame Starfox; Feature Prince of Persia: A Prince Among Games; From The Archives Hewson Consultants; Homebrew Dead On Time, Berzerk MMX, UWOL: Quest For Money, Kyd Cadet; Lets All Play Streets of Rage II; Making of Zork, A Boy And His Blob: Trouble On Blobolonia, Beatle Quest; Readers Revival The Three Stooges; Retro Revival Castlevania, Karnov; Retro Shamer Predator; Retroinspection Sega 32X; Same Name Different Game #1 Ghostbusters, #2 Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse; Same Name Different Game #3 Shadow Dancer, #4 Sparkster, #5 Sonic Blast Man; Same Name Different Game #6 Action Biker, #7 Jurassic Park; Unconverted Vendetta, Dino Rex, Radar Scope, Magical Cat Adventure
Game Room 76 29 Apr 10 A Moment Masaya Matsuura; Back To May 1988, November 1992; Boss Rush Zombie Pirate Lechuck (Monkey Island); Classic Game Chrono Trigger; Definitive The 25 Best 8-Bit Arcade Conversions of All Time; EndGame Real Bout Fatal Fury; Feature Game Room: Digital Dreams, Golden Axe: Axes To Grind: The Legend Of Golden Axe; From The Archives Traveller's Tales; Homebrew Island of Secrets, Worm!, Bombs Away, Box Reloaded; Making of Strider, Vib-Ribbon, Rouge, Trailblazer and Cosmic Causeway; Readers Revival Alien 3: The Gun; Retro Revival Stampede, Chickin Chase, Mikie; Retroinspection Apple II
John Romero 75 31 Mar 10 A Moment Dave Grossman; Back To April 1988, October 1992; Cheap As Chips Plok!; Classic Game Rez; Collectors Corner Neo Geo Pocket; Desert Island Disks Steve Bristow; EndGame Comix Zone; Feature Dizzy's Eggshellent Adventures; From The Archives Tynesoft; Homebrew UWOL: Quest For Money, Avoid, Blox 2, The Space Limits II; In the Chair John Romero; Lets All Play Beach-Head; Making of The Addams Family, Road Blasters; Readers Revival Jasper; Retro Revival NBA Jam, Game Over, Dr Mario; Retro Shamer The Scout Steps Out; Retroinspection Nintendo Famicom Disk System; Unconverted Dancing Eyes, Jack Rabbit, Crime Fighters, Black Panther; Why You Must Play Wonder Boy In Monster Land
The Definitive Ghosts 'N Goblins 74 3 Mar 10 A Moment Jon Hare; Back To March 1988, September 1992; Cheap As Chips Pilotwings; Classic Game The New Zealand Story; Coin-Op Capers #5 Double Dragon; Collectors Corner Sealed NES Games; Definitive Ghosts 'N Goblins; EndGame Total Recall; Feature Controlling History (joystick, game pad); Homebrew Spectrum Games Bible, British Bob, Rick Dangerous, Pringles; Import Only Aquales; In the Chair David Braben; Making of XOR, Spy vs Spy Trilogy, Tapper, Puggsy; Readers Revival I, Ball; Retro Revival Hudson Hawk, Quackshot Starring Donald Duck; Retroinspection SAM Coupe'; Unconverted Zoo Keeper, Blood Bros, Biomechanical Toy, American Speedway
The Ultimate Hero 73 4 Feb 10 A Moment Martin Hollis; Back To February 1988, August 1992; Cheap As Chips Two Crude Dudes; Classic Game Uridium; Collectors Corner Handhelds; EndGame Robocop Versus The Terminator; From The Archives Durell Software; History of The Ultimate Hero: Sabreman; Homebrew Retaliot, Ghastly Night, Battle Box, King's Valley; Import Only La Abadia Del Crimen; In the Chair Martyn Brown; Making of Return Fire, Simon, Dan Dare, Star Wars: Return of the Jedi; Retro Revival Harvest Moon, Burger Time, Super Monaco GP; Retro Shamer Rise of the Robots; Retroinspection Colecovision; Unconverted 13 Games Never To Leave The Arcade
Gradius 72 7 Jan 10 A Moment Philip Oliver; Back To January 1988, July 1992; Boss Rush Wario; Classic Game The Legend of the Mystical Ninja; Coin-Op Capers #4 Nemesis; Collectors Corner Arcade Cabinets; Desert Island Disks John Gibson; EndGame Toki; Feature A Decade of Fallout; Homebrew Slubberdegullion, Attackwave, Sokoban, Juno First; Import Only Pulseman; In the Chair Stephen Crow; Making of Frenzy, Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of Doom/Shadow Over Mystara, Driver, Bubble Ghost; Readers Revival Faxanadu; Retro Revival Todd's Adventures In Slime World, Arabian Fight, Greendog: The Beached Surfer Dude; Retro Shamer Last Action Hero; Retroinspection Sinclair ZX80
After Burner 71 10 Dec 09 A Moment Jeff Minter; Back To November 1987, June 1992; Bluffers Guide DOS Gaming; Boss Rush Dragon Breed; Cheap As Chips Winter Games; Classic Game Space Channel 5; Coin-Op Capers #3 After Burner; EndGame Dick Tracy; Feature The SID Crowd, Crash 25th: A True Crash Smash; From The Archives RamJam Corporation; Homebrew The Wild Bunch, Robotron: 6128, Homebrew, Super Cobra; In the Chair Peter Molyneux; Making of ToeJam & Earl; Readers Revival Half Life; Retro Revival Myriad, Pinball: Revenge of the Gator; Retroinspection Sony Playstation; Why You Must Play Yie Ar Kung-FU
Tales from Monkey Island 70 12 Nov 09 A Moment Mike Hally; Back To October 1987, May 1992; Boss Rush Big Boss Metal Gear; Cheap As Chips Mercs; Classic Game Gribbly's Day Out; Collectors Corner 32X, N64, Saturn and various; Desert Island Disks Ben Daglish; EndGame Golden Axe: The Revenge of the Death Adder; Feature Tales From Monkey Island, The Trick of the Treat, The Top 25 Dreamcast Games; Homebrew The Krystal Connection, Boxworld 2, Galaxian, Last Amazon Trilogy; Lets All Play Paperboy; Making of Jet Force Gemini, Switchblade, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back; Readers Revival Bobby Is Going Home; Retro Revival Frost Byte, Frog and Flies, Master of Darkness; Retroinspection SNK Neo Geo AES; Why You Must Play Dragon Ninja
History of Final Fantasy 69 6 Oct 09 A Moment Harvey Elliot; Back To August 1987, April 1992; Boss Rush Albert Wesker Resident Evil; Cheap As Chips Duck Tales; Classic Game Kung-Fu Master; Coin-Op Capers #2 Space Harrier; Collectors Corner Sega; EndGame Splatterhouse: Wanpaku Graffiti; Feature Retro Tube: You Tube, Funspot Arcade Treasures; From The Archives First Star Software; History of The Complete Final Fantasy; Homebrew Factory Daze, Ghost N Zombies, H3xOR, Sudoku Master; In the Chair Geoff Crammond; Making of Syndicate, Die Hard Trilogy; Readers Revival Gorf; Retro Evolution Alien Vs Predator; Retro Revival Combat, Bubble Ghost; Retroinspection Sega Genesis Nomad; Why You Must Play Cabal
Asteriods 68 10 Sep 09 A Moment Martyn Brown; Back To July 1987, March 1992; Boss Rush Andross StarFox / StarWing; Cheap As Chips Laser Squad; Classic Game Axelay; Collectors Corner Various Systems; EndGame Earthworm Jim; Evolution of The Arena Based Shooter; History of The Complete Ultima; Homebrew Berzerk Redux, Isora, Sewer Rat, Strip Off; In the Chair Gary Bracey; Lets All Play Moonwalker; Making of Asteroids, Starblade, Super Sprint, Legend; Readers Revival Discs Of Tron; Retro Revival Switchblade, Technician Ted, Cowboy Shootout; Retroinspection Tiger; Why You Must Play Power Drift
Feel the Burn! Bomberman 67 13 Aug 09 A Moment Charles Cecil; Back To June 1987, February 1992; Boss Rush Super Drunk Bubble Bobble; Cheap As Chips Grand Prix Simulator; Coin-Op Capers #1 Operation Wolf; Desert Island Disks Bob Flanagan; EndGame Trio The Punch - Never Forget Me; From The Archives Hudson Soft Part 2; History of The Complete Bomberman; Homebrew Knight 'N' Grail, Ctetris4c, Plumber, Skipp And Friends; Lets All Play Jack The Nipper; Making of Shoot'em-up Construction Kit, Lands Of Lore Series, Apidya; Readers Revival Bongo; Retro Evolution Might And Magic; Retro Revival TKO, PSSST, Movie; Retroinspection Finaru Furantier; Why You Must Play Slap Fight
Spy Hunter 66 16 Jul 09 A Moment Trip Hawkins; Back To May 1987, January 1992; Boss Rush Dural Virtua Fighter; Cheap As Chips The Terminator; Collectors Corner Sinclair ZX Spectrum; Conversion Capers Spy Hunter; Definitive Arkanoid; EndGame The Firemen; From The Archives Hudson Soft Part 1; History of Wally Week; Homebrew Rox, Wasp!, Nanako In Classic Japanese Monster Castle, Gommy: Medieval Defender; Import Only Yu Yu Hakusho Sunset Fighters; In the Chair The Oliver Twins; Making of Spy Hunter, Stunt Race FX, Road Runner; Readers Revival MASK; Retro Evolution Simon The Sorcerer; Retro Revival Sky Skipper, Benny Hill's Madcap Chase; Retroinspection Sinclair QL
Super Metroid 65 18 Jun 09 A Moment David Crane; Back To April 1987, December 1991; Boss Rush Goro Mortal Kombat; Cheap As Chips Scrapyard Dog; Collectors Corner Various; EndGame Streets of Rage II; Feature For the People By the People; From The Archives Elite Systems; History of The Complete Metroid; Homebrew Zap, W*H*B, Fortress Of Narzod, Cannon War; Lets All Play Castle Of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse; Making of Toobin, Super Metroid, Wolfenstein 3D; Readers Revival Savage; Retro Evolution Phantasy Star; Retro Revival Snake Pit, Eden Blues, Retrograde; Retroinspection Acorn Archimedes; Why You Must Play Led Storm
Behind The Last Ninja 64 21 May 09 A Moment Eugene Jarvis; Back To March 1987, November 1991; Boss Rush Doctor Robotnik; Cheap As Chips Blaster Master; Classic Game Garou: Mark of the Wolves; Collectors Corner Sega; EndGame Joe & Mac: Caveman Ninja; Feature The 10 Best Tetris Games You've Never Heard Of; From The Archives Beyond - Challenging Software; History of The Complete Shinobi; Homebrew Escape From Arth, 3D Deathchase, R8tro, Slam Tilt; In the Chair John Twiddy; Making of Dandy, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Qwak; Pixel Perfect Mega Man; Readers Revival Alien Soldier; Retro Evolution Silent Hill; Retro Revival Demon's Crest, Quedek, Frostbite; Retroinspection Nintendo Virtual Boy
Pocket Power! 63 23 Apr 09 Back To February 1987, October 1991; Cheap As Chips Alex Kidd In Shinobi World; Classic Game Skool Daze; Collectors Corner Various; Desert Island Disks Kevin Toms; EndGame Sega Sonic Arcade; Feature History In Your Hands, Manic Miner The Lost Levels; From The Archives Revolution Software; Homebrew D-Pad Hero, I Need Speed, Be-Tiled!, Doris, Park Productions; In the Chair Archer Maclean; Making of Joust, Night Trap, Bounty Bob Strikes Back!, Stardust; Readers Revival Where's My Bones?; Retro Revival Strider II, Ghost Hunters; Retroinspection Nintendo Game Boy; Why You Must Play Rygar: The Legendary Adventure
Sega Mega Drive 62 26 Mar 09 Back To September 1986, September 1991; Cheap As Chips Confidential Mission; Classic Game Windjammers; Collectors Corner Various Computers & Consoles; Definitive Metal Slug; EndGame Knuckle Bash; Feature Retro Gamer Celebrates The Mega Drive; From The Archives DMA Design; Homebrew Tempest Xtreem, Bable Bable, Danger Tower, Demomania; Making of S.T.U.N Runner, Space Invaders, Dynamite Dan 1&2, Full Throttle; Readers Revival Zombie Zombie; Retro Revival Saboteur!, Super Thunder Blade, Renegade III: The Final Chapter; Retroinspection Commodore Amiga Special; Something Old Something New Super Street Fighter II HD Remix
Pac-Man 61 28 Feb 09 Back To August 1986, August 1991; Boss Rush Bowser; Cheap As Chips Blue Lighting; Classic Game Jazz Jackrabbit; Collectors Corner SNK Neo Geo; Desert Island Disks Tony Crowther; EndGame The Punisher; Feature You've Got The Touch: iPhone; From The Archives Electronic Pencil Company; Homebrew Albatrossity, Airstriker, Amiga Robbo, Sort 'Em; Import Only Joy Mecha Fight; In the Chair Jon Hare; Making of Pac-Man, Resident Evil; Readers Revival General Chaos; Retro Revival Sonic The Hedgehog 2, Flicky, Black Tiger, Alien 8; Retroinspection Sega Mega-CD; Something Old Something New Pac-Man; Why You Must Play Rod-Land
Super Mario Kart 60 2 Feb 09 Back To November 1985, July 1991; Boss Rush M Bison; Classic Game Super Punch-Out; Collectors Corner Arcade Cabinets; EndGame Kung-Fu Master; Feature System Shock 2: A Shock To The System, Advert Rising; Full of Eastern Promise Shinrei Jusatsushi Taromaru; History of The Complete Mario Kart; Homebrew Mayhem In Monsterland, Mockatetris, Frosty The Snowman 2, Click!; Making of Robotron: 2084, Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders; Making of Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the Future, R-Type, Frak!; Readers Revival The Ooze; Retro Revival Sir Lancelot, Scooby Doo, Pacific, Bubbles; Retro Shamer Transformers; Retroinspection Phillips MSX; Something Old Something New R-Type Tactics
Battlezone 59 2 Jan 09 Back To October 1985, June 1991; Cheap As Chips Trojan; Classic Game Baldurs Gate; Collectors Corner Amstrad; EndGame Fighter's History Dynamite; Feature The Forgotten One's, Top 25 Isometric Games; From The Archives Accolade; High Score Pac-Man; History of Wing Commander; Homebrew Quikman 2008, Frogger, Hobgoblin, Trans Logic 2; In the Chair Jon Ritman; Making of Battlezone, Myst; Readers Revival Paradroid 90, Free Fall; Retro Revival Final Fight 3, Psycho Pigs UXB; Retro Shamer Captain America and the Avengers; Retroinspection Amstrad CPC 6128; Why You Must Play Renegade
Festive Special 58 4 Dec 08 Back To September 1985, May 1991; Classic Game Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles In Time; Collectors Corner Sinclair; Developer Lookback Microprose Part 2; EndGame Resident Evil; Feature Twilight Game Zone, Back to the Drawing Board, 12 Games Of Christmas, Activisionaries; Gallery Steinar Lund; History of Shining Force; Homebrew Bomb Jack, Nipik 2, Pegs, VB Racing; Making of SWIV, Panzer Dragoon Saga, Bounder; Readers Revival Mr Puniverse, Super Sprint; Retro Revival Xenophobe, Citadel; Retroinspection Atari ST; Something Old Something New Metal Slug 7; Why You Must Play Bonanza Bros.
Level 9 57 6 Nov 08 Back To January 1985, April 1991; Classic Game Quake II; Collectors Corner Playstation; Company Profile Level 9; Developer Lookback Microprose Part 1; Desert Island Disks Eugene Lacey; EndGame Double Dragon 3; History of Videogame Nasties; Homebrew Sudoku, Sub Hunter, Heist; Making of Alien Vs Predator, International Soccer & International Basketball, Panzer Dragoon 1&2; Pixel Perfect Ghosts 'N Goblins; Readers Revival Gunfright, Kick Off 2; Retro Revival Xybots, Wanted: Monty Mole, Stormlord, Future Spy; Retro Shamer Street Gang Football; Retroinspection Acorn Electron; Something Old Something New Geometry Wars
Gauntlet 56 9 Oct 08 Back To December 1984, March 1991; Collectors Corner Nintendo & Sega; Developer Lookback Shiny Entertainment Part 2; EndGame The Adventures Of Bayou Billy; Feature Running The Gauntlet, The Ultimate Adventure of Sir Arthur Pendragon; History of Castlevania; Homebrew Atomic Worm, Shotgate, Picross ST, Fusion; In the Chair Hideo Kojima; Making of Beneath A Steel Sky, Terrormolinos, Super Pipeline I & II, Rampage, Samba De Amigo; Readers Revival Guardian Heroes; Retro Revival Super Robin Hood, X-Men, Skyblazer; Retroinspection Commodore 16; Something Old Something New Gauntlet; Why You Must Play Mr Heli
Ant Attack! 55 11 Sep 08 Back To November 1984, February 1991; Classic Game Plane Scape Torment, Commando; Collectors Corner Dreamcast, Space Channel 5 & various; Conversion Capers Chase HQ; Developer Lookback Shiny Entertainment Part 1; EndGame Two Crude Dudes; Homebrew Sceptre of Baghdad, Elevators Amiss, Blue Star, Cavelon 64; Making of Defender, Soul Calibur, Night Shift, Stunts 4D Sports Driving; Pixel Perfect Super Mario World; Ready For Remake Ant Attack!; Retro Revival S.T.U.N Runner, Robo-Squash, Atic Atac, Jammin'; Retroinspection Game & Watch; Something Old Something New 1942: Joint Strike; Whatever Happened to Marble Madness II: Marble Man; Why You Must Play Toki
Out Run 54 14 Aug 08 Arcade Inspection SNK Neo-Geo MVS; Back To October 1984, January 1991; Classic Game Ruff 'N' Tumble; Collectors Corner Various Games; Developer Lookback Konami Part 2; EndGame Crime Fighters; Feature Top 25 Arcade Games; Full of Eastern Promise Salamander Deluxe Pack Plus; Gallery Outrun, Sports; High Score Joust 2; Homebrew Go-Moku, 3d Deathchase, Splattr, Parachute; Making of Outrun, Cannon Fodder, Q*bert, New International Track & Field; Retro Revival Toobin', Bucky O'Hare, Jaws; Retro Shamer Bionic Granny; Retroinspection Intellivision; Why You Must Play Forgotten Worlds
Konami 53 17 Jul 08 Back To September 1984, December 1990; Classic Game Alex Kidd In Miracle World; Collectors Corner Various; Definitive Boulder Dash; Developer Lookback Konami Part 1; Desert Island Disks Ally Noble; EndGame Altered Beast; Gallery Konami, Horizontal Shoot'em-up; History of Complete Star Wars Videogames Episode II; Homebrew Mariano The Dragon - Capers In Cityland, Return To Fort Knox, Sirius; Making of Border Down, Marble Madness; Retro Revival Back to the Future, Guardians of the Hood, Kane, Sorcery+; Retro Shamer Superman 64; Retroinspection NEC PC-FX; Why You Must Play Enduro Racer
History of Star Wars 52 19 Jun 08 Back To August 1984, November 1990; Classic Game Streets of Rage 2, Saint Dragon; Collectors Corner Various; EndGame Super Star Wars; Full of Eastern Promise Rakugaki Showtime; Gallery Star Wars, Puzzle Games; History of Complete Star Wars Videogames Episode I; Homebrew Shoot'em-up Designer, Stacker, Swapz; Making of The King of Kong, The Eye of the Beholder Trilogy, Star Wars, Klax, Ridge Racer; Retro Revival Spindizzy, Vectorman, Super Mario Bros 2, Son Of Blagger; Retro Shamer Shaq-Fu; Retroinspection Amstrad GX4000; Why You Must Play Escape From The Planet Of The Robot Monsters
History of Zelda 51 22 May 08 Back To July 1984, October 1990; Classic Game Dun Darach; Collectors Corner Metroid Samus; EndGame Robocop 2; Feature Families Reunited; Gallery The Legend Of Zelda; History of Zelda; Homebrew Star Sabre, Metagalatic Llamas, Hyper Duel, The Pairs Are Gone; Making of Contra 4, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, Stellar 7; Making of R-Type Delta, Choplifter!, Crystal Castles; Retro Revival Assassin, Who Dares Wins II, Super Star Wars, Kid Icarus; Retro Shamer Pit-Fighter; Retroinspection NEC PC-Engine GT; Why You Must Play Heroquest
Sega's Dream Machine 50 24 Apr 08 Back To June 1984, September 1990; Cheap As Chips A Boy And His Blob; Classic Game Yars' Revenge; Collectors Corner Retro Gaming Magazines; Complete Lowdown The House of the Dead; Desert Island Disks Simon Munnery, Gareth Jones, Motorhead's Lemmy; EndGame Gunbird 2; Feature Reader's Top Gaming Moments, Painting Worlds with Roger Dean; Gallery Sega Dreamcast; History of Grand Theft Auto; Homebrew Even More Bloons, Open Doors, Locomotion, Quincy V Columbo Superstar Monkey Duel; Making of Retro Gamer Magazine, Gunstar Heroes, The Great Giana Sisters; Retro Revival Batman, Thundercats, XOR, Silkworm; Retroinspection Sega Dreamcast
Let's Fight! Beat'em-up Special 49 27 Mar 08 Back To May 1984, August 1990; Classic Game Mega Man II; Collectors Corner 70's & 80's Handheld and Portable Electronic Games; Company Profile Epyx: An Epyx Adventure; EndGame Contra III: The Alien Wars; Feature Top 25 Beat'em-ups, The 10 Best Racing Games You've Never Heard Of; Gallery Top 25 Beat'em-ups, Epyx; History of Might And Magic; Homebrew Shooot 2, Space Barnicale, Knytt Stories, Megasuper: Extreme, Pier Solar; Making of Skweek And Super Skweek, Medievil, Pastfinder, The Wizard; Retro Revival Jurassic Park, Mars Matrix, Pang, Alien Storm; Retro Shamer Pele; Retroinspection Best Of Britsh
Manic Miner 48 28 Feb 08 Back To April 1984, July 1990; Box of Delights Coin Op Hits II; Collectors Corner Japanese SNES; Definitive 194X: 1942; Developer Lookback Electronic Arts Part 3; EndGame Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter; Feature Top 25 Spectrum Games Of All Time; History of Command & Conquer; Homebrew Iwanaga, Fishie Fishie, Magical Drop CPC; In the Chair Matthew Smith; Making of Manic Miner, MDK, Geometry Wars Galaxies; Retro Revival Magic Sword, Mr EE!, Pogostick Olympics, Eternal Champions; Retro Shamer Bad Street Brawler; Retroinspection Sinclair ZX Spectrum 128
Elite 47 1 Feb 08 Back To March 1984, June 1990; Classic Game Ristar; Collectors Corner Beat'em-ups & Capcom; Developer Lookback Electronic Arts Part 2; High Score Scramble; EndGame Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of Doom; Feature Videogames Are Not The Only Fruit: Fruit Machine Conversions, Top 25 Racers; Gallery Pinball Machines; History of Elite; Homebrew Free Rider 2, Contour, Jack Frost; In the Chair Will Wright; Making of Chip's Challenge, Berzerk, Magic Carpet; Retro Revival Oh Mummy!, Pokemon Snap, Rival Turf, Burning Force; Retro Shamer Terminator 2: Judgment Day; Retroinspection Atari 800XL
Atari 46 3 Jan 08 Back To February 1984, May 1990; Box of Delights 2-Hot 2-Handle; Classic Game Jackal; Collectors Corner RPG; Developer Lookback Electronic Arts Part 1; Desert Island Disks Martin Hollis; EndGame Vampire Savior; Feature Top 25 Atari 2600 Games, The Arcs of Atari; Gallery Amusment Machines; Homebrew Aye Caramba, Mondo Medicals, Twang; Making of Rick Dangerous 1 & II, Robocop, California Games, Loom; Retro Revival Express Raider, Superman, Rampage, Neighbours; Retroinspection Commodore Vic-20; Whatever Happened to Chase HQ II: Special Criminal Investigation
Festive Special - Nights 45 6 Dec 07 Arcade Inspection Taito F Jamma Hardware; Back To January 1984, April 1990; Classic Game Road Rash; Collectors Corner Handhelds; EndGame James Pond II: Codename Robocod; Feature Pinball: A Whole Different Ball Game, Sega Saturn Magazine: Rings of Saturn; Full of Eastern Promise Battle Garegga; Gallery Games That Begin With “Z”; History of Christmas Games; Homebrew Monty's Christmas Special; Making of Nights, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Treasure Island Dizzy; Making of The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, The Desert-Jungle-Urban Strike Series; Retro Revival Buggy Boy, Skate Or Die!, Zoo Keeper, NHLPA Hockey 93; Retro Shamer Dark Castle; Retroinspection Sinclair ZX81
Doom 44 8 Nov 07 Back To December 1983, March 1990; Classic Game Spy Hunter; Collectors Corner Sega Master System; Conversion Capers Green Beret; Desert Island Disks Rob Fulop; EndGame Castle Of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse; Feature Top 25 Run-'n'-Guns; Full of Eastern Promise Yume Penguin Monogatari; Gallery Videogame Tie-in; History of Doom; Homebrew Icy Tower, Karate Champ Remake, Galaxian 2007, Zub; Making of Rescue On Fractalus!, The James Pond Trilogy, Populous, Fort Apocalypse; Retro Revival Scuba Dive, Chiki Chiki Boys, Lucky & Wild; Retro Revival A Nightmare On Elm Street, Magic Mushrooms; Retro Shamer ET: The Extra Terrestrial; Retroinspection Sega Master System
Donkey Kong: Monkey Magic! 43 11 Oct 07 Back To November 1983, February 1990; Box of Delights The Magnificent Seven; Classic Game Bomb Jack; Company Profile Bullfrog; Developer Lookback Strategic Simulations Inc Part 2; EndGame NAM-1975; Face Off Potty Pigeon; Full of Eastern Promise Twinkle Star Sprites; Gallery Games Before Videogames; History of Donkey Kong; Homebrew Joe Gunn, Harrier Attack 2, Super Obliteration; Making of Rise of the Robots, Colin McRae Rally, Donkey Kong Country, Diablo, Sensible Soccer; Retro Revival Bionic Commando, Ikari Warriors, The Simpsons, Jump Bug, Beach Buggy Simulator; Retro Shamer Last Battle; Retroinspection Atari Lynx; Whatever Happened to Horace In The Mystic Woods
Space Invaders 42 13 Sep 07 Arcade Inspection Capcom CPS-2 System; Back To October 1983, January 1990; Classic Game Micro Machines; Company Profile Big Red Software; Complete Guide Shoot'em-ups; Definitive Space Invaders Part II; Developer Lookback Strategic Simulations Inc Part 1; EndGame Operation Wolf; Full of Eastern Promise Silhouette Mirage; Gallery Street Fighter; Homebrew Sumotori Dreams, Nikujin, Call of the Dragon; Making of Tetris, Crazy Taxi, Sheep In Space; Retro Revival California Games, Starbike, Skweek, Cybernator, Raid Over Moscow; Retroinspection Acorn BBC Micro
Speedball 2 41 16 Aug 07 Back To September 1983; Classic Game Get Dexter, Metro-Cross; Company Profile The Bitmap Brothers; Complete Lowdown Worms; Definitive Space Invaders Part I; Desert Island Disks Andy Walker; EndGame Alien Vs Predator; Full of Eastern Promise Soukyugurentai; Homebrew A Touch Of War, Everlasting Love, G-Force, Jet Speed; Homebrew Saucerlifter, Target; 2006, Balloonacy 2; Making of Miner 2049er, The Immortal, Batman The Movie, Blast Corps; Retro Revival Caveman Ninja, Monsters, Wings Of Wor, X-Men Vs Street Fighter, Harrier Attack; Retroinspection Sega Game Gear; Whatever Happened to Mail Plane
Mortal Kombat: Finish Him!! 40 19 Jul 07 Back To August 1983; Classic Game Quest For The Rings, Flood; Company Profile ID Software; Developer Lookback SNK Part 3; EndGame Sunset Riders; Feature Arcade Shooting Ranges: Zeke Just Kicked The Bucket!; Full of Eastern Promise Splatterhouse: Wanpaku Graffiti; High Score Tetris; History of Mortal Kombat: Bloodsimple; Homebrew Stronghold, Quantum Gardening, Lighthouse Lunacy, Ultra, Brickout, Groops; In the Chair Mel Croucher; Making of Archon, Quake, Aliens, Chuckie Egg; Retro Revival Panza Kick Boxing, Libble Rabble, Radiant Silvergun, Rod-Land; Retroinspection NEC PC Engine; Whatever Happened to Pac-Man VR
Making of Jetpac Refuelled 39 21 Jun 07 Back To June 1983; Company Profile Thalamus; Developer Lookback SNK Part 2; Desert Island Disks Ed Rotberg; EndGame Street Fighter II: The World Warrior - Zangief; Feature Worth A Thousand Words: The Art of C&VG; Gallery Atari Coin-Ops; Homebrew Conquest Of Mars, Medievil Mayhem, Ladybug, Thrust Extreme, Veck SE, Qwak; Making of Paperboy, Parallax, Putty, Duke Nukem 3D, Lemmings 1 And 2, Jetpac Refuelled; Retro Revival Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, Powermonger; Retro Revival Trantor: The Last Storm Trooper, Rambo: First Blood Part II; Retroinspection Commodore Amiga 500
NES: When Grey Mattered 38 24 May 07 Archer MacLean Jimmy Tales #3; Back To June 1983; Classic Game Captain Blood; Conversion Capers Dragon's Lair; Definitive Frogger; Developer Lookback SNK Part 1; EndGame Alien Syndrome; Feature The Rise And Fall Of Virtuality; Gallery Game Adverts; Homebrew Blizzard's Rift, Questy, Cannon Bubble, Hunchback, Millenipede; Making of Goldeneye, Barbarian And Barbarian II, Sid Meier's Pirates!, Superfrog; Retro Revival Shinobi, Excitebike, Balloon Fight, Rastan; Retroinspection Nintendo NES
25 Top Platformers 37 26 Apr 07 Archer MacLean Happy Days: Memories From A USA Arcade Auction; Back To May 1983; Boss Rush The Ninja's Worst Nightmare: Shadow Warriors, Shadow Dancer, The Ninja Warriors; Boss Rush Ninja Spirit, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles; Definitive Wonder Boy; Developer Lookback Beam Software: From The Ashes Part 2; Desert Island Disks STE Ruddy; EndGame Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom; Feature Top 25 Platformers Of All Time; Gallery Game Adverts; Homebrew Bubblicious, Combat Remake Online, Hey Hey 128K, Izzy Wizzy, Iron Sphere; Making of Pitfall II: Lost Caverns, Jet Set Willy Online, Final Fight, Thanatos; Retro Revival Roller Coaster, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Friday The 13th; Retro Revival Solomon's Key, Death Star Interceptor; Retroinspection Dragon 32; Story of Virtua Fighter
Castlevania: 10th Anniversary Special 36 29 Mar 07 Back To April 1983; Classic Game Punch-Out!!, Shufflepuck Cafe; Company Profile Sega Technical Institute; Developer Lookback The Wizard Of Oz; EndGame Splatterhouse; Feature The Spirit of the Mad Gamer: CVG 1996-1999; Gallery Game Adverts; High Score Crystal Castles; Homebrew A Tribute Keith Campbell 1940-2006, Snaky Jake; Making of Banjo Kazooie, Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night, Pitfall!, Armalyte, Turbo Esprit; Re-Making of Streets of Rage; Retro Revival Strider, Hover Bovver, After Burner II, Sweevo's World; Retroinspection Bandai Wonderswan
The Definitive Contra 35 1 Mar 07 Archer MacLean The Missing Link!; Back To March 1983; Boss Rush The Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse; Classic Game Cannon Fodder, Feud; Company Profile Zenobi Software; Definitive Contra; Desert Island Disks Steve Wright; EndGame Donkey Kong Jr; Feature John Szczepaniak's Gaming Illuminati Part 2, Before They Were Famous; Full of Eastern Promise Hudson's Lost Mario Trilogy; Homebrew La Mulana, Streets of Rage, Typhoon 2001; Making of Cauldron And Cauldron II, Smash TV, Wipeout; Retro Revival Aliens, Jurassic Park, Forgotten Worlds, Super Tennis; Retroinspection Milton Bradley Vectrex; Story of The King of Fighters: Fist of Flame
The Definitive Xevious 34 1 Feb 07 Archer MacLean Defender Chestnuts; Back To February 1983; Boss Rush Prehistoric Isle In 1930; Cheap As Chips Metal Slug 1st Mission; Classic Game Donkey Kong Country, Zillion; Definitive Xevious; Desert Island Disks Stuart Fotheringham; EndGame R-Type II; Feature John Szczepaniak's Gaming Illuminati Part 1, Good Deal Games In Focus; Homebrew Star Defender III, Phantomas Saga Infinity, Star Wars, Bombzuka; Making of Last Ninja, Dungeon Master, The Secret Of Monkey Island, Head Over Heels; Retro Revival Alien Vs Predator, Ranger-X, Castle Of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse, Double Dragon; Retroinspection Sega Saturn; Why You Must Play Panzer Dragoon Saga
Street Fighter: Fists of Fury 33 4 Jan 07 Archer MacLean Cosmic Surgery - A Galaxian Reborn; Back To January 1987; Cheap As Chips Monster Max; Classic Game Silent Hill, Castle Adventure, Street Fighter II: The World Warrior; Company Profile Data East; Developer Lookback Sensible Software; EndGame Batman; Feature Pokemon: Introducing The World's Favourite Videogame Series; Full of Eastern Promise Policenauts; High Score Missile Command; Homebrew Twin Kingdom Valley, Into The Valley, Star Strike, Demon Attack, Ghostbusters; Making of Earthworm Jim, Alter Ego; Retro Revival Zombies Ate My Neighbours, Exolon, Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master; Retro Revival Metal Black, Fantasia, Aliens; Retroinspection Commodore Amiga CD32; Why You Must Play Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike
Galaxian 32 7 Dec 06 Archer MacLean The Game On Show; Back To December 1986; Boss Rush Parodius; Classic Game Super Mario Land; Complete Lowdown Phantasy Star Online; Definitive Galaxian; Desert Island Disks Owen Rubin; EndGame Dragon Spirit; Evolution of Football Management; Feature Before They Were Famous; Full of Eastern Promise Akumajo Dracula X: Chi No Rondo; Homebrew Neon Wars Deluxe, Typing Of Ys, Pixelships Retro, Metroid Prime 2D; Making of Prince of Persia, The Way of the Exploding Fist; Retro Revival Combat School, Ninja Gaiden, Mortal Kombat, Thunder Force III; Retroinspection Philips CD-i
Retro Revolution: Nintendo Wii 31 9 Nov 06 Archer MacLean Thinking Outside The Box; Back To November 1986; Cheap As Chips Batman; Classic Game Pilotwings 64, Super Mario Bros 3; Developer Lookback Sierra Online; EndGame Strider 2; Feature Mean Machines Magazine: The Mean Team; Feature The Adventure Begins: Origin of the Text Adventure Game; Full of Eastern Promise Hanafuda; Homebrew Newcomer, Tank Wars, Rick Dangerous II, Victory Road; In the Chair Dale Desharone; Making of Wizball, Broken Sword; Retro Revival Super Mario Kart, Duck Hunt, Donkey Kong '94, Super Bomberman; Retroinspection Nintendo 64; Why You Must Play River City Ransom
Big, Beige & Beautiful: Commodore 64 30 12 Oct 06 Archer MacLean One Hell Of A Journey; Back To October 1986; Boss Rush Mothership In Phoenix; Cheap As Chips Solar Jetman; Classic Game Spy Vs Spy, 3D Monster Maze, The Revenge Of Shinobi; Company Profile Tec Toy; Definitive Lode Runner ; Desert Island Disks Steve Ellis; EndGame Bloody Wolf; Full of Eastern Promise Sin & Punishment: Successor To The Earth; Homebrew Oolite, Castlevania Dracula's Shadow, Farmer Jack In Harvest Havoc; Homebrew Advanced Space Battle; Making of Exile, It Came From The Desert; Retro Revival Robocop, Paradroid, Snatcher, Michael Jackson's Moonwalker; Retroinspection Commodore 64; Why You Must Play SNK Vs Capcom: Card Fighters Clash
Ghosts 'N Goblins: Ghoulish Secrets 29 14 Sep 06 Archer MacLean Digital Watches; Back To September 1987; Cheap As Chips Mercenary Force; Classic Game Dynamite Headdy, Alien 3; Definitive Defender; Developer Lookback Codemasters: Coding Back The Years; Desert Island Disks Ed Logg; EndGame Narc; Feature The Spectrum Legends, Ghosts 'N Goblins; Full of Eastern Promise Rusty; Homebrew Sinclair Spectrum Allstars Volume 1, Space Tanks, Titan Attacks!, Pushover; Making of Samurai Warrior: The Battle Of Usagi Yojimbo, Lazy Jones; Retro Revival Operation Wolf, Mission: Impossible, Splatterhouse 2; Retro Revival Gargoyle's Quest, Pitfall II: Lost Caverns; Retroinspection Oric-1; Why You Must Play The Divide: Enemies Within
The Making of Starfox 28 17 Aug 06 Archer MacLean Meeting God!; Back To June 1989, A-Z of the 80's: D is for…; Classic Game The Great Escape, Kikstart II; Company Profile Core Design; Definitive Bubble Bobble; Developer Lookback LucasArts Part 2; EndGame Cadillacs & Dinosaurs; High Score Asteroids; Homebrew Beggar Prince; In the Chair Ralph Baer; Making of Starfox, Breakout, Last Hope; Retro Revival Defender, Dynamite Dan, Bruce Lee, Monty On The Run, Photo Boy; Retroinspection Panasonic 3DO Interactive Multiplayer; Why You Must Play Herzog Zwei!
Genesis: Mega Drive 27 20 Jul 06 Archer MacLean 360 Motion Sickness; Back To December 1987, A-Z of the 80's: C is for…; Cheap As Chips Thunder Force II; Complete Lowdown Magic Knight; Conversion Capers Hard Drivin'; Definitive Out Run; Developer Lookback LucasArts Part 1; Desert Island Disks Bob Polaro; EndGame Double Dragon; Full of Eastern Promise Gomola Speed; Homebrew Streets of Rage Remake, Gamex; Making of Boulder Dash, Zelda: Wand Of Gamelon & Link: Faces Of Evil; Magic Moments Tanks, Dinosaurs, Mine Carts, Dragons, Horses; Retro Revival Comix Zone, Cybernoid, The Terminator, Golden Axe, Robotron: 2084; Retroinspection Sega Mega Drive; Why You Must Play Actraiser
To Be This Good Takes… Sega 26 22 Jun 06 Archer MacLean Game And Watch; Back To July 1986, A-Z of the 80's: B is for…; Company Profile Sonic Team; Definitive Raiden; Desert Island Disks Nick Pelling; EndGame Mercs; Evolution of Rolling Thunder; Feature Super Sonic: Sonic The Hedgehog 15th, Across The Pond; Homebrew Metroid Remixed, Game & Watch Online, Sushi Samurai; Making of International Karate And IK+, Pinball Dreams; Magic Moments Warrior Blade Rastan Saga III; Retro Revival Battletoads & Double Dragon: The Ultimate Team, Spiky Harold; Retro Revival Spider-man Vs The Kingpin, Snake's Revenge, Jurassic Park; Retroinspection Atari Jaguar
Pitfall Harry 25 25 May 06 Arcade Inspection Sega Model 2; Archer MacLean Being In Charge Of SFX; Back To June 1986, A-Z of the 80's: A is for…; Company Profile Hi-Tec Software; Developer Lookback Activision: Activisionaries; Desert Island Disks Howard Scott Warshaw; EndGame Dragon Ninja; Feature Maximum Magazine: Maximum Carnage; High Score Gorf; Homebrew Stop The Express, Project Paradroid; Making of Target: Renegade, Ghostbusters, Forbidden Forest; Retro Revival The Muncher, Huang Di, Chase HQ, Wild Guns; Retro Revival The Legend Of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX; Retroinspection Amstrad CPC 464; Whatever Happened to Starfox 2
Gremlin Graphics 24 27 Apr 06 Archer MacLean Driving In Black And White; Back To May 1986; Cheap As Chips Rex; Definitive Gradius; Developer Lookback Gremlin: Gremlins In The Machine; Desert Island Disks Eugene Jarvis; EndGame Growl; Feature Oliver Frey: Sheer Art Attack; Homebrew Head Over Heels, Exolon DX, ; In the Chair William “Trip” M Hawkins III; Making of Another World, Dragon's Lair, Creatures; Magic Moments Beat'em-up Bonus Bouts: Alien Storm, Golden Axe, Final Fight, Shinobi; Retro Revival APB, The Trap Door, Sheep In Space, P-47: The Phantom Fighter, Midnight Resistance; Retroinspection Nintendo Game Boy Color
SNESational: Super Nintendo 23 30 Mar 06 Archer MacLean Ten Steps To Heaven; Back To April 1986; Cheap As Chips Sega Marine Fishing; Company Profile Palace Software; Conversion Capers Gauntlet; Developer Lookback Ocean: Life On The Ocean Waves; Desert Island Disks Malcom Evans; EndGame Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night; Feature God Games: Good God!; Global Gaming Games Van Die Bosveld; Full of Eastern Promise Border Down; Homebrew Driller, Ghosts 'N Goblins v0.4, Ice Guys, The Slarti And Stash Space Saga; Magic Moments Gunstar Heroes; Making of Worms, Bloodwych, Mule; Retro Revival Batty, Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow Over Mystara; Retro Revival Super Mario World, Space Harrier, Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts; Retroinspection Super Nintendo SNES
Renegade: 8 Bit Beat'em-up 22 2 Mar 06 Archer MacLean The Bug Report; Back To March 1986; Cheap As Chips H.E.R.O.; Company Profile US Gold ; Complete Lowdown Freescape 1987-1992; Desert Island Disks Gary Liddon; EndGame The Simpsons; Feature Beat'em-ups: 8-Bit'em-ups; Full of Eastern Promise Splatterhouse Part 3; Global Gaming With Fire And Sword; High Score Q*bert; Homebrew Total Eclipse, Hungry Horace PC, Metal Warrior, Mr Beanbag; In the Chair Tim Schafer; Making of Sam & Max Hit The Road, Impossible Mission, Quazatron; Retro Revival Fantasy Zone, Barbarian: The Ultimate Warrior, Diet Go Go; Retro Revival Street Fighter II Turbo, Super Castlevania IV; Retroinspection Commodore Amiga 1200; Whatever Happened to Sonic X-Treme
R-Type 21 2 Feb 06 Archer MacLean Missing The Pink; Back To February 1986; Boss Rush Wally The Walrus: The New Zealand Story; Cheap As Chips 3D Deathchase; Classic Game Sonic The Hedgehog, Mr DO!; Company Profile Imagine; Complete Lowdown R-Type; Developer Lookback Team 17; Desert Island Disks Warren Davis; EndGame Final Fight; Full of Eastern Promise Gley Lancer; Global Gaming Spiel Uber Alles; High Score Centipede; Homebrew Beggar Prince, Pitfall II, Seawolf, Reaxion; In the Chair Nolan Bushnell; Making of Turrican; Retro Interview Geometry Lesson: Geometry Wars; Retro Revival Star Wars, Batman, Jack The Nipper, Diddy Kong Racing, Devil Crash; Retroinspection Atari 2600
Ultimate: A Rare Find 20 5 Jan 06 Archer MacLean Pavlov's Robot; Back To January 1986; Cheap As Chips Sega Rally Championship; Classic Game Flashback, Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe, Knight Lore; Company Profile Technos; Complete Lowdown Tomb Raider; Developer Lookback Rare: A Rare Breed ; Desert Island Disks Pickford Brothers Part 2; EndGame Ghouls 'N Ghosts; Global Gaming Nuts About Brazil; Homebrew Zaxxonrr, Domnetris, Gloop!; In the Chair Stephen Robertson; Retro Revival Elevator Action Returns, Turbo Esprit, River Raid, Axelay, Sabre Wulf; Retroinspection SNK NeoGeo Pocket
Rubber Love: ZX Spectrum 19 Dec 05 Archer MacLean Atari Creates A Stink In 1972; Back To December 1985; Boss Rush Count Dracula In Super Castlevania IV; Cheap As Chips Wonder Boy III: The Dragons Trap; Classic Game Dizzy, Super Metroid, Simon The Sorcerer; Company Profile Amsoft; Complete Lowdown Leisure Suit Larry; Developer Lookback Magnetic Fields; Desert Island Disks Pickford Brothers Part 1; EndGame Prehistoric Isle In 1930; Feature The Legacy Of Perfect Dark; Full of Eastern Promise Thunder Force V; Global Gaming In The Land Down Under; Homebrew Monty On The Run v1.0, Joe's Adventure, The Adventures Of Jim Slim In Dragonland; Magic Moments Strider; Retro Revival Contra Spirits, Head Over Heels, R-Type, Jetstrike, Elite; Retroinspection Sinclair ZX Spectrum; Whatever Happened to First Samurai
Atari Lynx 18 7 Jul 05 Auction Watch CPC Uncovered; Back To July 1985; Coverdisc The Last Ninja; Desert Island Disks Tim Skelly; EndGame Robocop; Free Zzap! 64 Tribute Magazine; Games That Weren't Cookie, Sanxion, Fire And Ice; Hardware Atari Lynx, Import Gaming, A Brief History Of Videogames Part 3; High Score Spy Hunter; Next Level Gaming Sega 32X; Strange Games Pictionary, Win Lose Or Draw; Retro Scene Stranded, Iron Sphere; Software Little Computer People: Virtually Alive; Software Robocop: The Future Of Film Licences, Legend Of The Last Ninja
Sega Special 17 9 Jun 05 Back To June 1985; Coverdisc 2D Shooters; Desert Island Disks Paul Carruthers; EndGame Sonic CD; Games That Weren't Combat Two, Putty Squad, Pac-In-Time; Global Gaming Holland; Hardware Sega Game Gear, A Brief History Of Videogames Part 2; Japan Happy Play Noise Legends Reborn, Space Invaders ; Killer Apps Sonic The Hedgehog; Next Level Gaming Sega Mega-CD; Play To Win PiMania, Groucho, Splat!, The Staff of Karnath, The Mountains of Ket, Psytron, Gyron; Play To Win Jet Set Willy, Hareraiser, Eureka!, Kokotoni Wilf, Doomdark's Revenge, Moon Cresta; Retro Revival Duke Nukem; Retro Scene Astro Nell, Higgledy Piggledy, Platform Game Designer, Tanks 3000; Software Skool Daze: The Old Skool; Strange Games Bronkie
Nintendo Famicom 16 12 May 05 Back To May 1985; Coverdisc Elder Scrolls: Arena; Desert Island Disks Mr Biffo; EndGame Gryzor; Feature Indiana Jones And The Gaming Ark, Feel the Force: Nintendo Test Force - Probotector; Game of the Month Shadowfire; Games That Weren't Daffy Duck, Universal Monsters, Apocalypse II; Hardware Nintendo Famicon, A Brief History Of Videogames Part 1; High Score Missile Command; Japan Happy Play Noise Retro Japan Sports ; Killer Apps Goldeneye 007; Next Level Gaming Amstrad CPC 6128; Profile Gilsoft: The Welsh Wizards; Retro Revival Gauntlet; Retro Scene Boulder Dash, Q*bert, Cover Tapes: Game Music Covers; Software King Mario: How Nintendo Conquered America, Shadowrun; Son of Arcade Hunt North Wales; Strange Games NCS Chou Atiki
Super Mario 15 Apr 05 Back To April 1985; Coverdisc 100 Emulators; Desert Island Disks Eric Ginner; EndGame Flood; Feature Abandonware: Gone But Not Forgotten, Tomb Raider: Boxes Of New Sealed 8-bit Games ; Game of the Month Impossible Mission; Games That Weren't Flood 2, Scooby Doo In The Castle Mystery, Moto-X, Lunar Jetman; Global Gaming Russia; Hardware MSX Appeal; High Score Star Wars; History of Star Wars Videogames Episode 3: Revenge Of The PC; Japan Happy Play Noise Neo-Geo / Neo-Geo CD, Metal Slug, Viewpoint, Starfox 2; Killer Apps Kick Off; Next Level Gaming Commodore 128; Profile Delta 4: Delta 4-Eva; Retro Revival Elder Scrolls Saga; Software Star Control: Control & Conquer, Super Mario 64 DS; Strange Games Product Placement
Atari 7800 14 17 Mar 05 Back To March 1985; Coverdisc Star Control 2: The Ur-Quan Masters; Desert Island Disks Gordon Houghton; EndGame Resident Evil; Feature The Ritman Report, Retro Treasure, Retro Passion, Hollywood Player: Film Licences; Game of the Month Skool Daze; Games That Weren't Solar Jetman, Lunar Jetman, Deadlock, Tyger Tyger, Tran; Hardware Atari 7800 ProSystem - Steve Golson; High Score Frogger; History of Star Wars Videogames Episode 2: Lucasarts Strikes Back; Japan Happy Play Noise Sega Saturn, Nintendo Game Boy Light, Macross: Scrambled Valkyrie; Next Level Gaming ZX Spectrum 128; Retro Revival Spy Vs Spy, Resident Evil; Software Star Control: Control & Conquer; Strange Games The Godfather, Platoon, Tom Sawyer/Adventures Of, Apocalypse Now, Radio Flyer
Double Dragon 13 17 Feb 05 Back To February 1985; Coverdisc Amiga Forever v6.0: WinUAE, WinFellow & Amiga ROM Files; Desert Island Disks Jamie Fenton; EndGame Double Dragon Advance; Feature Retro Collector: 20 Rare Games, Altered States: Unoffical Roms, Ports & Pirate Consoles; Hardware Atari 5200 Super System; High Score Galaxian; History of Star Wars Videogames Episode 1: The Atarian Assault; Japan Happy Play Noise Nintendo Famicom Disk System; Killer Apps Tetris; Profile Jullian Gollop: Creating Chaos, Steve Willcox: Are You Elite?; Retro Revival Metal Gear; Software Double Dragon: Double Trouble - Coin-op Conversions; Strange Games Super 3D Noah's Ark, Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, Hellraiser, Taz
Llamarama 12 20 Jan 05 Coverdisc The Complete Llamasoft 8-bit Catalogue; Desert Island Disks Vicky Carne; EndGame Alien Storm; Feature Plug And Play, Big Nintendo Is Watching; Feature Big In Japan, Plug And Play: Commodore 64 Cartridges; Gallery Atari 2600; Hardware Amstrad PCW: PCW Power, Sharp X68000: Arcade Heaven, Atari 2600: Project Stella; Profile Jeff Minter: Clearly Minter, Atari Online: AtariAge; Retro Reviews The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap, Yarkon Blues, Lunaris, Backgammon, Airwolf
20th Century Games 11 21 Dec 04 Advert Retro Gamer Anthology 164 Page Collector's Edition; Coverdisc Durell Big 40 Hits; Desert Island Disks Violet Berlin; EndGame Chase HQ II: Special Criminal Investigation; Feature Superplay: Speed Runs & World Records, Trashman: Talking Trash - Malcom Evans; Feature Games of the Century: 20th Century Fox Movie Tie-ins, Keep The Faith; Feature Jet Set Go: Jet Set Willy Mobile, Format of the Future: Codemasters CD Games Pack; Feature Interactive Fiction Competition 2004; Gallery Durell; Hardware Amstrad GX4000: The GX Factor, Apple Macintosh: Mac Attack; Profile Durell: Discovering Durell; Retro Reviews Metal Dust, Zx Football Manager 2005, Ms Pac-Man Maze Madness, Pac-Man World; Retro Reviews Atari Anthology, R-Rtype III, Goldeneye 007, Frak!
Game & Watch 10 23 Nov 04 Coverdisc The Games Factory, 50 PC Retro Games; Coin-op Conversions Final Fight, Street Fighter II; Desert Island Disks Goldie Lookin Chain; EndGame The Last Ninja; Feature Don't Believe The Hype: Over-Hyped Games, Game & Watch Multi Screen: Watch A Go Go; Gallery Game & Watch; Hardware Apple IIGS: Apple II Forever; Profile Infocom: The Next Dimension; Retro Reviews Street Fighter Anniversary Collection, The Smirking Horror; Retro Reviews Columns CPC, Reaxion, Leaderboard, Kick Off; Software Last Ninja: Way of the Ninja, Dungeon Master: Mastering Chaos
Pocket Power 9 26 Oct 04 Arcade Hunt Skegness, Isle of Wight, Suffolk, Essex; Coin-op Conversions Ghouls 'N Ghosts, Strider; Coverdisc 76 Retro Remakes Competition 2004, Interactive Fiction Competition 2004; Desert Island Disks Jason Moore; EndGame Super Metroid; Feature Your Top 100 Games Part 2, Echoes of the Spectrum: ZX Audio, Back In Time Live 2004; Gallery Mirrorsoft; Hardware Commodore Amiga: Hola Amiga!, Nintendo Game Boy: Pocket Power; Profile Mirrorsoft: Reflections of Mirrorsoft; Retro Reviews Out Run 2, Midway Arcade Treasures 2, Metal Slug 3; Retro Reviews Hunter, Terminator 2: The Arcade Game
Konix Multi-System 8 28 Sep 04 Coverdisc Graftgold Collection 50, Konix Multi-System Video; Desert Island Disks Archer Maclean; EndGame Operation Thunderbolt; Feature Classic Gaming Expo US, Your Top 100 Games Part 1; Gallery Graftgold; Hardware Konix Multi-System: Best of British, Dreamcast: Recurring Dream; Profile Treasue: Treasure Trove, Graftgold Creative Software: Golden Years; Retro Reviews Gradius V, Turrican 3, Cyber Wing, Battle Chess, Rise of the Robots; Software Bubble Bobble: Bubble Trouble, Turrican: Turrican Trilogy; Software Ultima Escape From Mount Drash: The Mythical Mount Drash
Atari ST Family 7 31 Aug 04 Arcade Hunt Southport, Tramore, Matlock Bath, Pendine; Coin-op Conversions After Burner, Out Run; Coverdisc 50 PC Retro Games, Spectrum Games Completed Video; Desert Island Disks Keith Campbell; EndGame Out Run; Feature Classic Gaming Expo UK, The Wisdom of Matthew Smith Interview; Feature Over The Rainbow: ZX Game Endings, The Retro Ryder Cup: Golf Games; Feature DIY Creator: Game Creation Tools - Francois Lionet; Gallery Atart ST; Hardware Atari ST: The Atari ST Family, Romantic Robot Multiface: Box of Tricks; Profile Level 9: The Next Level Part 2; Retro Reviews RetroSphere, 1945 I & II, EggHead in Space, Stunt Car Racer, Rampage
Atari Worship 6 27 Jul 04 Coin-op Conversions Hang-On, Space Harrier; Coverdisc Beneath a Steel Sky & 20 More Adventure Games; Desert Island Disks David Doak; EndGame Golden Axe; Feature JagFest UK: On The Prowl, Jet Set Revival: Jet Set Willy Hacks, Construct Your Own Coin-op; Feature Famitsu Magazine: The Final Word, Olypmic Gold: Olympic Sports Games; Gallery Atari 8-bit; Hardware Atari 400/800: World of Atari - Nolan Bushnell; Profile Level 9: The Next Level Part 1, Revolution: Join the Revolution, Skoolz Out: Happy Daze; Retro Reviews Frantic Freddie, INV+, Sonic Advance 3, Double Dragon Advance, Double Dragon C64
Sega Ages 5 29 Jun 04 Arcade Hunt Rhyl North Wales; Coverdisc 50 Retro PC Games, 20 Emulators, 18 C64 Games & Demos, Gamebase64; Desert Island Disks Scott Adams; EndGame Another World; Feature Classic Gaming Expo UK & US, Miner Willy: The Mega-Tree Mystery; Feature BASIC Instinct: Magazine Type-ins, Lords of Midnight: House of Lords Part 2; Feature Ant Attack!: Empire of Ants - Sandy White, Boxing Clever: 80's TV Spin-off Games; Gallery 80's TV Games; Profile Sega: Sega Ages, Protovision: One Vision, Gamebase 64: GB64; Retro Reviews R-Type, Reaxion, Zxokoban, Chase HQ
Nintendo's Greatest Games 4 27 May 04 Coverdisc 25 Retro PC Games, 18 C64 Retro Music Tracks, Emulators; EndGame Aliens; Feature Nintendo's Greatest Hits: 8-Bit to 64-Bit, Play It Again SID: C64 Sound Chip,; Feature Creature Feature: Alien & Predator Games, Lords of Midnight: House of Lords Part 1; Feature The Beautiful Game: Football Games, Dino Dini Interview, Emulation Nation; Gallery 1986; Hardware Amstrad CPC: Amstrad Action; Profile Memories of Telecomsoft - Richard Hewison
Acorn Archives 3 15 Apr 04 Coverdisc Gremlin's Greatest Hits 250, Gremlin Adverts & Inlays; EndGame Prince of Persia; Feature The Clone Wars: Piracy, Hero Worship: Superhero Games, Gaming On The Go: Handhelds; Feature Arcade at Home: Jammaplus, Repton: Repton Retrospect ; Gallery 1985 ; Hardware Acorn Archives; Profile Cronosoft: Cronosoft Chonicles; Retro Revival Space Invaders - Nishikado Interview, Sabre Wulf, Altered Beast, Metal Gear; Retro Revival Ghosts 'N Goblins, Doom, Prince of Persia, Spy Hunter, Leisure Suit Larry; Retro Revival Mortal Kombat, NARC, Out Run, Shining Force, Shinobi, The Last Ninja; Retro Revival Castlevania, Contra, Ninja Gaiden, Metal Slug, Pitfall, Metroid, Spy Vs Spy, R-Type
Commodore Uncovered 2 Apr 04 Coverdisc 100 PC Retro Games & 50 Emulators; EndGame The Secret of Monkey Island; Feature The Top 50 Retro Game Characters, Inside Crash Towers: Newsfield Crash & Zzap! 64; Feature Play Another Day: James Bond Games, Fantastic Dizzy: Dizzy History, Pieces of 8-bit; Feature Retro Game Creator: Multimedia Fusion Beginner's Guide, Emulation Nation ; Gallery 1984; Hardware Commodore 8-bit: Commodore Uncovered; Profile Retro Remakes: Retrospec And Ovine By Design
Sinclair Special 1 Mar 04 Coverdisc 200 PC Retro Games & 75 Emulators; Feature Lord of the Rings: Return of the Rings, Miner Willy: Hall of the Miner King; Feature Top 100 Retro Games, Horror Movie Licences: Licence To Kill, Emulation Nation; Gallery 1983; Hardware Sinclair: Sinclair Researched; History Mastertronic: A History, Street Fighter: Street Fighting Clan

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