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Commodore Computer Club è stata una rivista italiana di informatica dedicata a tutti i computer Commodore, pubblicata tra il 1982 e il 1995 dalla Systems Editoriale. A scopo educativo sulla programmazione, proponeva listati di giochi amatoriali da ricopiare. In alcuni periodi veniva dedicato uno spazio di dimensioni variabili anche ai videogiochi commerciali. Nel 1991 la rivista cominciò a occuparsi estensivamente anche di MS-DOS e cambiò nome in Personal Computer Club.

Contenuti videoludici

Di seguito gli articoli dedicati ai videogiochi commerciali (tratto dalle scansioni presenti su, che arrivano fino al n°90)

59/1983“Un'invasione di nuovi giochi”: Gorf, Megarace, Clowns, Wizard of Wor, Sea Wolf, Kickman, Lazarian
1511/1984“Gli adventures”; “I giochi della Mastertronic”: Dark Star, Star Race, BMX Racers, Chiller, Mind Control
194/1985“Giochiamo con…”: Ghostbusters, Up'n'down, Booty, Big Mac
205/1985“Giochiamo con…”: Gogo the ghost, 1985 The day after
216/1985“Giochiamo con…”: Seven cities of gold, Spooks, R.I.P., Rockman, Skyjet
227/1985“Giochiamo con…”: 1985 The day after, Doodle Bug
239/1985“Giochiamo con…”: The Captive, Chickin Chase
2410/1985“Giochiamo con…”: Kikstart, Action Biker
2511/1985“Simulando si impara… con il Commodore 64/128”: Flight Simulator II. “Giochiamo con…”: The Empire, Formula 1 Simulator
271/1986“Prossimamente sui vostri schermi”: Winter Games, Frank Bruno's Boxing. “Due games dalla Mastertronic”: Tutti Frutti, Rockman
282/1986“Recensioni”: Big Mac, Kane, Zork
293/1986“Recensioni”: Zzzz, Collapse
304/1986“Recensioni”: Rock'n Wrestle. “Giochi”: Silent Service, Dambusters, Desert Fox, Commando, Beach Head II, Rambo
315/1986“Recensioni”: Zoids, Game Killer, Phantom of the Asteroids, Winter Olympics
326/1986“Recensioni”: Rasputin, Countdown to Meltdown, Wing Commander. “Speciale sport”: Match Point, Ping Pong, International Soccer, Julius Erwing and Larry Bird go One on One, The Way of the Exploding Fist
337/1986“Recensioni”: Redhawk
3611/1986“Recensioni”: cassetta Software Club (Moscow Summit e altri)
3712/1986“Recensioni”: I gialli Commodore - Delitto sul Nilo. “Sei nuovi giochi per C64”: Alleykat, Sanxion, Super Cycle, Jack the Nipper, The way of the Tiger, Ninja
381/1987“Giochi Amiga”: Othello, Delta patrol, Marble madness, Mean 18. “Recensioni”: Charlie Deus
392/1987“Giochi Amiga”: Defender of the Crown. “Recensioni”: cassetta Software Club 14 (Target e altri)
403/1987“Recensioni”: I gialli Commodore - Morte sulla terrazza
414/1987“Anteprima”: Epix 3001
425/1987“Recensioni”: cassetta Software Club 15 (Eater e altri)
436/1987“Anteprima”: Epix 3001 n°2, cassetta Commodore 64 Club - La guerra per gioco (Risicom 64 e altri)
447/1987“Spazio Amiga”: Chessmaster 2000. “Anteprima”: I gialli Commodore - Il mistero di Zambesi Waters
4610/1987“A che gioco giochiamo?”: The Faery Tale, Barbarian, Sinbad and the Throne of the Falcon, Flight Simulator II. “Anteprima”: cassetta Software Club 16 (Over the Top e altri)
4711/1987“L'Amiga dei miei giochi”: Silent Service, Knight Orc, Karate Kid II, Borrowed Time, The Surgeon. “Recensioni”: cassetta Commodore 64 Club (Zagor e altri)
4812/1987“Supergiochi del mese”: Challenge of the Gobots, Star Paws, The Last Ninja, Defender of the Crown, Pi.R Squared, Pirates, The Living Daylights, Antics, Star Fox, Jinks, Blazer, Convoy Raider, Water Polo, Athena, Road Runner, Morpheus, Street Gang, Renegade, Mean City, Solomon's Key
491/1988“Supergiochi del mese”: Deltafighter, cassetta Software Club 17 (Outrider e altri), I tre moschettieri, Shanghai, Last Mission, Winter Games, Buggy Boy, Tasar, Implosion, Roadwar 2000, Street Hassle, World Games, Borrowed Time, Zig Zag, Earl Weaver Baseball, King's Quest III, Test Drive, Championship Football
502/1988“Supergiochi del mese”: Traz, Druid II, ACE 2, Pinball, Valentino, Skate or Die, Hysteria, Kikstart II, Night on the Tiles, Super Sprint, Deceptor, The Tube, Deathwish III, Plutos, Impact, Starglider, Terrorpods, Crystal Hammer
513/1988“Supergiochi del mese”: Vigilante, Terrore a Dunwich, Art Chess, Robin Hood, The OCP Art Studio, Ferrari F1, Cube, Bad Cat, King of Chicago, The Bard's Tale, Phalanx II, Battleship, The Big Deal, Crazy Cars, Emetic Skimmer, Mike the Magic Dragon, Championship Baseball, Firepower, Hollywood Poker, Deja Vu, Mission Elevator, Insanity Flight, Into the Eagle's Nest
524/1988“Supergiochi del mese”: Quedex, Clean Up Service, Tunnel Vision, Frightmare, Farstar, Puppy Love, The Hunt for Red October, Soccer King, Golden Path, Moebius, Kikstart II, Sargon III, The Pawn, Uninvited, The Three Stooges
535/1988“Supergiochi del mese”: cassetta Commodore 64 Club n°5 (Hawk Mission e altri), Platoon, M.A.C.H., Hunter's Moon, Black Shadow, Tracers, Vyper, Insanity Fight, Thunderboy, Arkanoid, Iridon, Grossmeister Chess, Jet, Joe Blade, Invadercraft, Starlays, Sky Blaster
546/1988“Supergiochi del mese”: Stealth Mission, The Chernobyl Syndrome, Cybernoid, Blood Valley, Strip Poker II, Jump Jet, Asterix, Hayes Invaders, The Wall, The Moty, Indoor Sports, Sidewinder, Tetris, Rolling Thunder, Time Bandit, Eco
557/1988“Supergiochi del mese”: Poltergeist, Jinks, Pac-Land, Target Renegade, Hercules Slayer of the Damned, Desolator, Mr. Wino, Beach Buggy Simulator
569/1988“Supergiochi del mese”: World Tour Golf, F18 Interceptor, Bomb Busters, Wizball, Power Styx, Grave Diving, Sentinel, Future Tanks, Boomeraid, Excalibur, Screaming Wings, Gunshot, Buggy Boy
5710/1988“Supergiochi del mese”: Dark Castle, Super Action Arcade Hits (Konami), Mr. Hat, Work Games, Bionic Commando, Ransack, Skate Crazy
5811/1988“Elementare, Watson”: soluzioni di Mission Twain, Zagor, Terrore a Dunwich, Le notti della luna piena
601/1989“Metti un jet nel tuo computer”: Flight Simulator II, Jet, Stealth Mission, Project Stealth Fighter, Chuck Yeagers Flight Trainer, F/A-18 Interceptor
634/1989“Recensioni”: cassetta Commodore 64 Club n°9 (Rings'n'up e altri). “Giochi intelligenti”: Pool of Radiance
645/1989“Recensioni”: Super Hang On, Ring Side, Live and Let Die, Zany Golf, TV Sports: Football, WEC Le Mans, Dragon Ninja
656/1989“Recensioni”: Project Firestart, The Running Man, Populous, The Real Ghostbusters, Renegade III
667/1989“Recensioni”: Kick Off, Blood Money, Dragon's Lair, Microprose Soccer, Silk Worm, Blasteroids, Speedball, Forgotten Worlds, Time Scanner
679/1989“Videogames”: The Muncher, Rockstar Ate My Hamster, Vigilante, Led Storm, Dragon Ninja, Hawkeye, Phobia, 3D Pool, Stormlord
6810/1989“Videogames”: Citadel, Powerdrome, Kick Off, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Time Scanner, RVF Honda
6911/1989“Speciale videogames”: Passing Shot, Barbarian II, The New Zealand Story, The Champ, Rick Dangerous, Buffalo Bill's Wild West Rodeo, A.P.B., Kings of the Beach, Shinobi, Dynamite Dux,
7012/1989“Speciale videogames”: Morte a Venezia, Tintin sulla luna, F.1 Manager, Oil Imperium, Battle Chess, Batman: The Movie, Altered Beast, Xenon II, Strider
711/1990“Speciale videogames”: Ghostbusters II, F-16 Combat Pilot, Stunt Car Racer, Power Drift, Garfield, Pro Tennis Simulator, Mental Blocks, Turbo Outrun!, Chess Player 2150, Archipelagos, Beach Volley, Dogs of War, Commando, The Untouchables, Batman The Movie, Mr. Heli, Dames grand maitre, Red Heat, Populous: The Promised Lands, Jocky Wilson's Dart Challenge, Pro Tennis Tour, Kick Off, Fiendish Freddy, Robocop, Chambers of Shaolin, Magic Marble, Pinball Magic, Jack Nicklaus Golf, The Games Summer Edition, Centerfold Squares, Femme fatale, Safari Guns, Shinobi, African Riders, Continental Circus, Cabal
722/1990“Speciale videogames”: 1943 The Battle of Midway, Battle Squadron, Day of the Viper, Double Dragon II, Dragons of Flame, Eye of Horus, Fighter Bomber, Fighting Soccer, Hard Drivin', Interphase, Moonwalker, North and South, Onslaught, Operation Thunderbolt, Oxxonian
734/1990“Speciale videogames”: Battle Valley, Predator, Fast Lane, Forgotten Worlds, Drakkhen, Clown-o-mania, Future Wars, Aquanaut, The Jetsons, Space Ace, Quartz, X-Out, Switchblade, Twin World, Dr. Doom's Revenge
745/1990“Speciale videogames”: 688 Sub Attack, Budokan, Space Harrier II, Tennis Cup, It Came from the Desert, Sim City, Maniac Mansion, Ninja Warrior, Iron Lord, Mystery of the Mummy, Weird Dreams, Snoopy, West Phaser
756/1990“Amigames”: Scramble Spirits, Dragon's Lair: Escape from Singe's Castle, P-47, Bad Company, Galaxy Force II, Gazza's Super Soccer, Roller Coaster Rumbler, Swords of Twilight, Rotor, Renegade, Tennis Table, Time, Prince, System 4, Soccer Manager Plus
767/1990“Amigames”: After the War, Ant Heads, Beverly Hills Cop, Black Tiger, Conqueror, Dyter-07, F-29 Retaliator, Full Metal Planete, Kid Gloves, Player Manager, Pursuit to Earth, Warhead
779/1990“Amigames”: Colorado, Dan Dare 3, Centurion: Defender of Rome, Imperium, Lost Dutchman Mine, Ninja Spirit, Pirates, Projectile, Rainbow Islands, Ski or Die, The Colony, Turrican, Action Replay
7810/1990“Amigames”: Atomix, Castle Master, Highway Patrol II, Zombi, Cyberball, Harley Davidson, Damocles, Gemini Wing, Nuclear War, Hammerfist, Infestation, Hot Rod, World Cup 90, Sherman M4, Dynasty Wars
7911/1990“Amigames”: Corporation, Shadow of the Beast II, Rorke's Drift, The Fool's Errand, SAS Combat Simulator, Dungeon Quest
8012/1990“Amigames”: Flood, Dragon Force, Starblade, Tie Break, Neuromancer, Venus: The Flytrap, Tusker
811/1991“Amigames”: Monty Python's Flying Circus, Power Boat Simulator, The Punisher
823/1991“Amigames”: Subbuteo, Power Monger, Chessmaster 2100

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